Retired Carrier Executive invents a new bio-weapon neutralizer machine that surprisingly disables all CoronaViruses including COVID and all variants as well as other airborne pathogens (Bacteria, Fungi, and Mold). This disruptive technology is amazing...

Subject: Retired Carrier Executive invents a new bio-weapon neutralizer machine that surprisingly disables all CoronaViruses including COVID and all variants as well as other airborne pathogens (Bacteria, Fungi, and Mold). This disruptive technology is amazing...
From: Techno Reports
Date: 12 May 2022

A military veteran and former Carrier Air Conditioning executive in New York spent three years of his life to design an incredible device to protect subway passengers from a sudden bio-weapon attack. But the end result was more than he expected when his strange-looking machine also proved very capable of destroying and/or disabling all airborne viruses including the family of Corona viruses and all their variants including SARS, MERS, COVID etc.

This "Guardian" machine uses a combination of 12 different technologies including 2 borrowed from Nicolai Tesla and the genius of Dr. Royal Rife, both scientists died in the 1900s. The combination of old-school and cutting edge technology destroys the protein spikes and/or the RNA/DNA cores of viruses, making it impossible for them to attach to a host on any human tissues, and thus unable to infect.

The 65 year-old inventor insists his machine is neither a medical device nor an air filter but rather an "an electronic sterilizer". He further points out at his website that although viruses are not alive they are all vulnerable to attack and destruction in different, but sometimes common ways. For example some viruses cannot survive without moisture, while others cannot endure high heat, or exposure to cold plasma, radio frequencies, or UVC light. Still others are super-sensitive to contact with certain substances and others to electro-magnetic pulses. All the viruses sucked through the machine are also basically electrocuted. The Guardian machine uses all these and other methods so redundantly that a 99.5% efficiency rate is obtained.

Other machines currently on the market are basically air filters combined with ozone generators which cannot be used when the room is occupied because ozone is toxic to humans and pets. The Guardian machine can be used in restaurants, homes, gyms, offices, hospital and hotel rooms etc. without such worries. Since the tech is 100% scalable it can also be integrated with existing HVAC systems of any commercial building space, and the inventor also created special concealed designs for use in subways, trains, motor coaches, school buses, and even elevators. Unlike air filters which just trap dust and normal pollutants, the Guardian works at the molecular level where the attack is made, and leaves the air 99.5% sterile, not just "clean".

The inventor is now seeking the assistance of some New York hospitals and universities to prove his machine can sterilize a 30 square meter space within 30 minutes and has offered to enter a COVID ward of any hospital without a mask so long as his machine was operating 30 minutes before his entry. He says he will shake hands with all the patients and talk with them seated at the same table and won't become infected over the next 30 days after the visit. Others including doctors and professors say that simple before and after air samples taken from a hospital subjected to a lab analysis would suffice.

The machines are made from stainless steel and aircraft aluminum with 203 components, and roughly 100 yards of wire. The Guardian machine you see in the photo above and on the web site is the second prototype. The first prototype was "borrowed" by the U.S. government and never returned. Here is a drawing of the actual production model that might be used in a restaurant or gym.

The Guardian can process 850, 1,300, and 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute and is operated by remote control and or an app on a smart phone. The down-time created by the COVID shut-down gave the inventor quality time to put his pathogen-purging theories to the test, and "after months of failure, virtually on the verge of giving up, the light bulb finally lit up." the inventor explains in his journal.

I asked to interview the inventor but he declined citing that he and his family had received some threats over the past years and he would rather not provoke those responsible for the intimidation. He did say that he was first exposed to the basics of NBC warfare (nuclear, biological, and chemical) while he was in the military and learn about pathogens from his one-time mentor pathologist Dr. Robert Moon, when he was part owner of an autologous blood bank and lab in Florida during the 1990s. His knowledge of air handling, conditioning and cleaning came compliments of Carrier.

Although the machines are not yet offered for sale, the inventor is looking for strategic partners around the world and is now filing his patents in both the U.S. and China. It would have been great to have this machine in 2020, but I guess late IS better than never!