An Open Letter to Customer Service Providers

Subject: An Open Letter to Customer Service Providers
From: Murph Krajewski
Date: 4 Mar 2015

Dear Customer Service Provider,

My role in the Customer Service industry is that of your customer. In the corporate hierarchy, that should place me one step directly above the CEO. I am the lifeblood of the entire company. Without my involvement, there’s literally no reason for your company to exist. Now that we have a proper perspective, there are four things I’d like to say.

First, I don’t want to call you. Nothing personal, but it’s a pain. I have better things to do than wait on hold to speak to someone who doesn’t know me, then try to explain a situation I really don’t believe they can help with. I do give you credit for trying to make it less painful, though. You’ve done your best to bring my hold times down, and I do appreciate the slight upgrade in music. (Side note: if I’m on hold for 30 minutes, and you tell me every 30 seconds that my call is important to you, it feels less believable.)

Second, being held prisoner to phone-based support feels a little demeaning. I’m an adult. I manage my life fairly well. I’m able to navigate my US tax forms every year. Being one of the 400 million people who got a smartphone last year, chances are very good that I could take care of my business with you on my own, if you were to give me an app to do so.

Third, when I DO have to call you, I’d appreciate it if I could choose how to fit it in to my day. The real problem with sitting on hold waiting for you is that I could be doing so many other things! I could pick up my kids, go for a run, or drive home from work. When I want to sit and talk with someone I schedule a meeting, or plan to meet them for coffee. Why can’t you and I do something like that?

Last, I want you to know who I am. That’s why I’m on social media. If you have something to tell me, it’s fine if you hit me on Facebook or whatever. I don’t mind that you know if I like Miles Davis. In fact, I’d feel better about our relationship if you treated me like the unique person I am.

I know this sounds like a lot of complaining, but I’m still your customer. I’m not going away. I only tell you these things because I want our relationship to improve. As a customer, my needs and expectations are changing. I want you to know how you can keep up, and even get ahead in the service area. Please do a little research and see if there is something you can use to make these dreams a reality. (Another side note: there is.)

Thanks for listening!

Murph Krajewski