Open Letter to The Boy

Subject: Open Letter to The Boy
From: me
Date: 16 Mar 2019

I watched you. Pinned at the throat. The man is yelling at your face, and you standing there, unbothered. A mere few seconds before, I had unknowingly walked a few steps back to grab something I left on the table. Then right after... BAM! You were slammed onto the concrete post. My friends shifted their glance to you and me, wondering if I was going to react. The man let go of you for a few seconds, and then he slammed you against a wall this time. This time, anger surged through me. You looked at me and I stood there, able to do nothing. But I wasn't the only one just standing, all your friends were just watching! What kind of friends are those? I waited there until everything was sorted out, but many of your friends had walked away.

As the week progressed, my friends would tease me about you. Whenever you'd be in front of me, my friend would push me into you, you'd look back then my friend and I would giggle. Then my friend and I would just laugh about that the whole day. We were both pretty sure you knew that I liked you. But the bigger question was, is the feeling mutual?

Two months had gone by. My friends saw you hugging another girl. Immediately, they told me and my heart shattered. But they told me "don't worry, maybe they're jut friends". A little bit of hope got restored in my heart. But the next day, I saw you with her. With my own eyes. Then I knew there was no hope left. You guys were laughing and hugging and holding hands together. I felt like the rain just washed away all my happy thoughts. All those hours my friends and I talked about you felt wasted. I spoke so highly of you, even when you were in the wrong. Now I don't know how long you and your - girlfriend - have been together but, I hope you're happy. I hope she puts a smile on your face, the one thing I was never able to do. It was foolish of me to think that we had a chance together anyways. But the one thing I want you to know is that...

I. Still. Love. You.