Open letter to Bishop Paul Butler (second Open letter to Paul Butler)

Subject: Open letter to Bishop Paul Butler (second Open letter to Paul Butler)
From: HG
Date: 18 Apr 2015

Dear Bishop Butler,

Following my phone calls, I thought I would write to make sure that you understand fully how much distress you are causing by your lies about safeguarding.

While the situation remains that you are protecting and supporting my abuser, Jane Fisher to remain in safeguarding positions in the church, as well as remaining a church reader, after her misconduct, which even her whitewash cover-up, the Korris report, cannot completely cover up, and while complaints against her have been made to the police and safeguarding bodies as a result of her continuing to harass me, and while she has caused other safeguarding failures even while stitching me up, and while the Church have been notified very clearly that the Korris report was an invalid report and the Steel report is a conflicted whitewash that is leaving me in fear of my life but no redaction or apology has been made, you need to stop lying to the press and media about the Church of England's commitment to safeguarding, and actually take action regarding the Diocese of Winchester. You need to stop misusing the word 'independent' and you need to ensure an independent report by non-conflicted people who have no connection to the Church of England, a report that includes me this time, unlike your other whitewashes that are not credible as they have not been independent and have omitted me and vilified me to the general public and been illegal and a breach of the data protection act.

The church have had me branded, imprisoned, destroyed, left homeless, and their answer to all that was to publicly vilify me internationally in the press as a PR stunt, with no thought for my welfare and safety whatsoever. So I think your crowing and strutting in the press should stop now, until you have apologized, redacted the defamation of me, and recompensed me, although no recompense in the world will take away what you have done to me.

Can you explain how you consider that things have changed in the church when there has been no true investigation into what happened to me, but a huge amount of PR showing off, lies and slander and defamation and illegal activities with regards confidential information and breaches of the data protection act.
Can you explain what has changed in safeguarding when in 2013 I was destroyed by the lies and whitewashes launched into the press and there has as yet been no apology and no redaction, and instead I am living in fear of the report engineered by the Jersey Deanery?

Can you explain why, if you and the church are committed to safeguarding, why Bishop Dakin and Jane Fisher. the perpatrators of this massive attack on a vulnerable adult, nearly killing her, and putting her in danger of attacks with no defence due to the police record and slander of her, are still in their positions? don't you think you should take time out from lying in the press in order to deal with this?
Do you think leaving someone branded, shamed, ruined and broken and waiting to be killed by another round of defamation and lies in the press and internationally is good safeguarding? If that is your understanding of safeguarding then it is time for you to resign./
treat me as a human being, and you and your colleagues act as if I simply 'deserve this ongoing destroyal, then you shouldn't be in your job.
It is time that a major outside investigation got past your lies and flannel and misleading of the public and press and shone a light onto the rotten old Church of England system of duplicity and cover up.

I would like to know how, if Jane Fisher had been successful in killing me as she nearly did, the Church’s so-called safeguarding reports years later would have made any difference, with me dead and totally out of the picture, as opposed to how things are now,m me alive but destroyed and still challenging this evil of being left defamed and destroyed while my abusers remain in church positions, protected and upheld by the church, and in the case of one of them, still accessing vulnerable individuals from Jersey’s town church, where he is upheld and supported by the same group of States-judiciary-church-lawyers who ensured that the Dean of Jersey was cleared.
Can you explain why you and the other Church officers and Bishops have not responded to me in any way or form about the whole situation of the way the church have repeatedly and lastingly destroyed me, gone on harassing me and vilifying me and giving their blessing to those who also harass me, for example, you taking part in a church times article that vilified me and very deliberately upheld my abuser?
And worse.

Until you have answers and until you stop treating me as if ‘I deserve to wait to be destroyed by a conflicted whitewash’ because ‘from what you have heard’ from people who vilify me to cover up for themselves, then you have absolutely no understanding of what abuse victims go through and absolutely no right to talk about safeguarding, because in upholding Fisher, Dakin, Key and others, you completely invalidate your position and the words you speak.

Please stop spitting on Jesus by your nonsense in the press and refusal to safeguard me or deal with the Diocese of Winchester’s harassment of me.

The Church’s continued silence on this matter and allowing me to continue to suffer the shock and distress of press releases that defame me and clear wrongdoers while I wait to be destroyed by the Steel whitewash is a very very serious safeguarding issue and shows your complete and utter contempt for safeguarding, integrity and an abuse survivor who you have branded and crucified just as your predecessors, the Pharisees did to Jesus. As long as this matter goes on, the Church of England has no place in society and is breaching the trade descriptions act by claiming to be a Christian church. Or don’t you bother to claim that any more, is it just known as ‘extra socials outside of the lodge?’

On the subject of Steel, are you the conflicted so-called 'safeguarding expert' viewing the Steel report? And if so, are you aware that you are conflicted by your support of Fisher and your support of the Diocese and Deanery in destroying me? And if so, as you are not independent and have not asked for my side of things and have not ensured that I am included in any reports, and thus you have profoundly failed in safeguarding, isn't it time you shredded the whitewash reports and resigned? Also, you need to declare, if you are in any way involved, that you were Bishop of Southampton, and knew the Montagues and I met you with them, that day when Juliet got Fred to drive me to SOuthampton? If you are involved in Safeguarding then you will be aware that the hundreds upon hundreds of omissions and distortions invalidate the reports by the Diocese of WInchester and are very very bad safeguarding to say the least!

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