Open Letter To Amnesty International & ACLU - Help American Whistle Blower Reunite With Canadian Family

Subject: Open Letter To Amnesty International & ACLU - Help American Whistle Blower Reunite With Canadian Family
From: Bruce Gorcyca Exiled In China - Military Vet, Former Federal Agent
Date: 23 Sep 2015

TO: Alex Neve, Director, Amnesty International Canada
Anthony Romero, DIrector, ACLU, New York

Dear Fellow Friends of Freedom,

Forgive me for communicating in public like this but NSA has been blocking my emails and telephone calls to you and your offices and they have been threatening and terrorizing my Canadian family for years - even with two shootings and many death threats. I have been exiled to China and was warned my family will be killed if I ever set foot in North America again.

No, I did not escape from the insane asylum. I am a former government employee of the U.S. Treasury Department, Department of Justice, a honorably discharged military veteran, former fortune 500 executive, an former executive with American Financial Group, and a whistle blower who witnessed and reported/exposed 12 government and 3 corporate crimes over the last 30 years. A summary can be found at

In 2001 both my wife and I visited your offices separately in Toronto to deliver a two page summary of human right violations I witnessed in America including the murder of federal prisoners and rape of immigrants, and drug smuggling of corrupt U.S. officials. Only days later I was "detained" by a swat team that stormed my Canadian wife's home. This was a sure give-away that NSA monitors your offices.

Although I committed no crime nor was indicted for any crime in any country at the time, I was illegally detained my Immigration Canada for 10.5 months, EVEN AFTER adjudicator William Willoughby gave me a voluntary departure order. How the hell can you voluntary depart any place when you are locked up in maximum security? 11 of my 12 immigration hearings were held secretly even though the law says they are supposed to be open to the public.

I did not know at the time that one of my lawyers was himself arrested at the time for child abuse on August 14th, 2001 and that arrest was being used to coerce his cooperation with the U.S. government to sabotage my freedom. I instructed him to file a writ of habeas corpus but he refused. So I wrote and field one myself and within days I was standing before the most honest judge in Canada Chief Justice Patrick LeSage, who let me tell my story. Within ten days I was released from illegal detention. God bless Patrick LeSage wherever you may be!

I am writing to you now to seek legal intercession on my behalf to recover my book manuscripts that were illegally seized from me at gunpoint by U.S. federal agents without warrants and in the presence of many witnesses. I also need legal representation to be given the refugee hearing I applied for in 2001 in Canada and which was denied to me for 8 years. Likewise, when my wife tried to sponsor my residency in Canada, the application was not even processed because it was assumed that I would be extradited for a fake crime for which...

* I was not indicted
* There were no victims identified
* No dollar amount of the crime was ever stated
* Not one investigator contacted any of my 12 alibi witnesses
* The affidavits of Elvin Feltner & David Wolkenstein were hidden
* The Courts refused to read the sworn report of PI Ed Reiken
* Uncle Sam could not provide the Canadian government with "charging documents" for five years

You can find proof of the above in this law society complaint which was also hidden from everyone:

In short the courts and criminal justice system of Canada and America were being used to fabricate fake crimes in order to smear and discredit me - a witness to real crimes of five murders, over $1B of drug smuggling, rapes, money laundering, all committed/arrange by high ranking government officials like Edward Chism, the former president of American Financial Group where I worked for two years.

Eddie Chism worked for the U.S. Justice Department for 20+ years in Panama as the liaison with the Noreiga regime. He married the former secretary, personal banker, investment advisor, and best friend of General Noriega Teresita Tapia who was declared a fugitive after the 1989 kidnapping of Noriega. American Financial Group was started with $10 million of Noriega's money. (Google Teresita Tapia, Chism, American Financial Group, Noriega") for a surprise.

For years AFG laundered money for a variety of U.S. officials, diplomats, and "friends" of the Bush family through the stock markets. I personally introduced them to Colombian and Saudi clients before I knew they were really a front company washing drug monies for Terry Nelson and other corrupt U.S. entities. I resigned and report the whole mess to an honest FBI agent named Maury Berthon who tried to do his job. I debriefed with him in 1996, but in 1997 he was sudden transferred to New Orleans and the AFG case was taken to Washington by the DOJ who probably shredded it. They allowed AFG to keep on washing money until this happened:

I was prevented from telling what I know about all of this (quite a lot actually) at my fake extradition hearing. In fact, my compromised lawyer would not even let me speak, much less testify on the court record. I was supposed to take a polygraph test as well, but at the last minute the same lawyer said it was not needed. The same lawyer did not even demand to see the missing "charging documents" that according Canadian law are mandatory for an extradition hearing even to be convened. Still think I'm nuts?

I was deliberately denied my refugee hearing for 8 years and then even after a U.S. Judge (Jack Weinstein) dismissed the phony charges in New York and let me go back to my family in Canada, the harassment and persecution continued when I was suddenly, but politely told that I had to leave Canada again, even though the MP in charge of Immigration Commission (Omar Alghabra) said I had every legal right to remain in Canada. See his letter in the Law Society complaint above.

Non the less I was told that if I did not "voluntarily depart" Canada I on my own I would be handed over toe the Americans even though they knew it was the American criminal pols I was trying to evade and exactly why I sought sanctuary in China. They new full well that I sustained three months of torture in America during 9 months of solitary confinement, and were still willing to give me back to the same people! This is how I came to China - originally only for 90-180 days since MP Alghabra and Solicitor Marshal Drukarsh I could return to Canada "after the pressure was off of Canada by the U.S."

American refugees are never taken seriously in Canada and probably because of the reasons explained by Snowden. My friends, I want to come home to my Canadian family. I have a 5 year old autistic son who needs a father and wonders why all the kids have one, but not him. I have not seen my wife of 17 years since 2011 and due to the dirty tricks of Uncle Sam and my former lawyer that they bought off, they have deliberately stranded me here so that I cannot testify as a witness in neither Canada nor America. Both the Canadian PM and a presidential candidate in America are guilty of some serious crimes. They are the ones that need to be punished - NOT MY FAMILY!

After someone tried to shoot me in 2013 and the feds broke their promise to me (about being safe in China) I started posting some summaries on line. This was my idea of life insurance and I hope it works.

If Amnesty International & the ACLU believe in freedom of speech and the rights of families to live together without political persecution and being terrorized like the below photo documents, then I implore you to help us seek justice and relief from the criminal elements within the American and Canadian governments. I can prove that the Wall Street banksters are controlling and regulating Washington, not vice versa. Examine the client list and phone bills of AFG that I gave to Tracy Tyler at the Toronto Star years ago. Nesbitt Burns and Levesque in Canada have been accomplices for years and PM Harper has been aware of it since 2006 and perhaps much earlier.

I have given my contact information to the only two lawyers I still trust in Canada, Marshal Drukarsh and Gary Botting. If you cannot reach me privately because of the NSA goons, then please respond publicly as I have been forced to do.

Most Respectfully & Gratefully Yours,

Bruce A. Gorcyca DiMarco
Father, Husband, Author, Former Federal Agent, Former DoJ Employee, Former Red Cross Volunteer Safety Instructor, Pilot, Former Air Traffic Controller, Honorably Discharged Military Veteran, PADI Scuba Instructor, Volunteer HRS AIDS Counselor, Former Salvation Army Volunteer House Parent, Little League Baseball & Kids Soccer Coach, and Currently Exiled In China where I am know as "Santa Claus" by most kids here.