An Open letter to America

Subject: An Open letter to America
From: A pissed off young person
Date: 31 Mar 2023

Dear America,

You're delusional. I'll say it right out the gate. You sell this beautiful ideal of the American dream, where everyone can work, live, and be free, but you're selling us all lies. America isn't land of the free, home of the brave. America is land of the greed and home of the slaves. This country is broken and every attempt to fix it gets shoved under the rug. Homelessness is rampant and instead of helping the people who can't help themselves, we spend more money than we have on useless inventions set on making their lives worse. Tell me, what is the use of putting spikes on a platform so no one can sleep there? Does that make the homeless person just trying to get a damn rest just magically disappear? Other countries have eliminated homelessness and it cost less money than our government is spending on those useless pieces of crap meant to "deter the homeless". And on the topic of homelessness, a good chunk of them are veterans who served for you. They underwent horrors none of you fat suits in power could even conceive of. A mere second of what they've had to go through would have you crying on the floor curled into a ball because you're all weak dicks who can't handle any kind of hardship. I know I wouldn't be able to handle any of what they've gone through, the only reason I know so much about it is because I listen when people talk, unlike you, and I have a shred of empathy, unlike you. And then you have the GALL to hold your soldiers on a pedestal when you aren't willing to get the mental health help they need. Even the veterans that have jobs are barely able to make ends meet. The same goes for most young people in America. Living comfortably is impossible for anyone under 30 who wasn't born into the 1%. We struggle. We go hungry. We sacrifice things that should be basic necessities just to keep a roof over our heads and when we try to speak out about not making enough money to survive in this "land of the free", we're told to stop being lazy and get a job. We have jobs. We have multiple jobs. And we still can't afford to live. And I'm tired of acting like this is our fault so I'm going to come out and say it. America, it's your fault. People are dying, racism, homophobia, and sexism still run rampant, children are forced into the working world at younger and younger ages when they should be able to simply enjoy their childhood. I don't think anyone ever told you this but it's work to live, not live to work. We idolize the grind so we can make more money so the monster that is America can be satisfied for another day. That's what you are America. A monster. You're a monster and a bully that chews up any kind of progress or optimism and spits out poverty and misery. The people who are able to help do nothing because they'd rather let hundreds of people suffer just so they don't have $100 bills to wipe their ass with. If you're reading this open letter and you're getting offended or ashamed, good. You deserve to. But in reality, I'm wasting my breath. People at the top, you're all assholes. There are a few good in there who are trying to bring some light to this broken world but the vast majority of you are lazy, selfish pigs who don't care about anyone or anything as long as it's not happening outside of your field of vision. Am I hurting your feelings? Are you feeling attacked? Good. You have the power to fix this land and you still do nothing. You deserve to feel attacked. Because the shame and upset you feel right now is barely even a fraction of the stress and anger and confusion and depression that we feel every day just trying to survive. "Make America Great Again"? Wake up. America never was great. You just refuse to take off the rose colored glasses. But you don't know any better do you? You were born wearing those rose colored glasses. If any of you working in the government or lucky enough to live in the one percent are reading this, you wouldn't last a month in the conditions we have to put up with. I won't lie and say I have the answers. I don't. I don't know how we can fix this country, what steps can be taken. I'm only one person. But it shouldn't be up to an ordinary person like me to fix things. We elect people because we think they're going to help us only to be disappointed again and again. You want me to stop attacking you? Then prove me wrong. But like I said, I'm probably wasting my breath. You probably stopped reading long ago and are sitting in the corner with your fingers shoved into your ears and trying to forget about the world just outside your door. To any of you reading that are just a person trying to survive like me, if you feel lost and don't know how to help, you're not alone. I've spent years trying to help, trying to do more only to come up empty handed. I hope we're able to find some comfort one day.

an ordinary person