Old times

Subject: Old times
From: The girl you called dork
Date: 30 Jul 2021

I miss the old times.
I miss getting to know you and the excitement and joy that came from it. I miss the small quirky things you did the few times we would catch up. My favorite moment with you is when we first really started talking and we got food after an outing at a park. We went through the drive through and I was going to pay but you said “your money’s no good here.” It’s not even that big of a deal but it’s the way you said it and the air about it that made it stick in my mind. I miss the way we talked and the light teasing back and forth. I still look back at the times you would try to tickle me and the way our hands held onto each other alittle longer than they should when I tried to push you away to “stop”. I miss you. Now, we still talk but it’s not the same. There’s no hanging out…there’s no witty exchanges back and forth…there’s no teasing. It’s like the excitement of figuring one another out has died and this is the empty shell that’s left. Like I wanted it to never stop…I wanted more but reality it is. I can’t have you. The thought should no longer be entertained. Even though we no longer talk like we used to, just small exchanges here and there… my admiration still remains.
I hope you stay happy. I hope you enjoy your life.
It’s sad we lose bonds and people in our life that we want to never end but that is the way of life.
I wish you the best from the sidelines.