To: My Precious Stepson

Subject: To: My Precious Stepson
From: Your Stepmom
Date: 5 Apr 2016

I am writing this letter with tears in my eyes and a heart that hurts.

I'm sorry for the difficult choice I had to make. Never did I want to hurt you or cause you any pain. For the last five years you have been the light of my life. My love for you is so big that I don't even know how to express it in words.

Sometimes in life people can't get along and stay married. I know you sort of understand this because of your Mommy and your Papi. There is so much love for you but sometimes kids get mixed up in adult decisions and get hurt in the process. I love your Papi and always will. But unfortunately we are not able to fix our difficulties so we need to live separate lives.

This choice is not your fault; it's Papi and I's failure. You are not the reason for any of this. Please know and remember this. You are the glue that holds everyone together. We all love you more than words can say.

You have brought more joy to me than any other person in my life. Watching you grow and become the person you are today is nothing short of amazing. My heart beams with pride every time I think of you.

Please understand that I'm not choosing to leave you. I love you. If there is any way for me to stay in your life, I will. I will move mountains to keep our relationship and stay in touch. I am your Stepmom forever; no matter how much time passes or how far apart we are.

You have a heart of gold. You are the smartest, funniest, cutest, most loving, sweetest and caring little man. Keep doing good in school and listening. Keep running and moving your body! Remember to never give up. You can do anything you set your mind to and more! My wish for you is that you continue to make good choices, be a good friend, be independent, speak up for yourself, protect and love your friends and family, stay funny and enjoy life.

Always remember life is about adventures!!!

Your Mommy and Papi love you so much and will always be there for you. I promise the same. No matter what.

You are an amazing gift that was shared with me five years ago and I will treasure our relationship always. You are in my heart always and forever.

Your Stepmom