To My Ex-Boyfriend: Thank You

Subject: To My Ex-Boyfriend: Thank You
Date: 25 Oct 2016

My Dear One,

Many years have passed since the night you left me. I made you believe that I didn't care. The truth is, you broke my heart and my soul. For months, I felt lost and desperate, wondering how things could have turned out this way. Sometimes, the pain was so excruciating I couldn't breath anymore. You were my everything: the first boy I dated, had sex with, lived with and loved with all my strength. You were my best friend. I was just a 14-year-old girl when our relationship began. A part of myself died when you left.

For years, I've been sure that you'd be my husband one day. We had all those dreams. Move to that beautiful city we were so fond of, buy a farmhouse, travel the world, have three children, a cat and a rabbit. I remember that on my 15th birthday, you promised me that you'd be getting me out of our afwul hometown. A few days before our breakup, you reminded me of this and told you shouldn't have promise something you eventually wouldn't do. You can't imagine how this words made me suffer. I've been so angry with you. You didn't fight for our love and let your father and his own personal issues destroyed what we had built.

I never completely recover from what happened to us. Even today, I can't easily make plans with a man. I'm too afraid to believe in something that won't happen. When we were teenagers, we decided that "Titanic" was our movie. That's why I'm still unable to watch it. Do you remember that gorgeous Greek island we went to just weeks before our breakup? I loved it and yet I couldn't go back because I couldn't bear the pain the memories this place would bring back.

However, I'd like to thank you. What you did made me stronger. Even if I felt miserable, I had enough strength to not fall apart. You made me realize that I was strong. I worked hard and got my bachelor's degree. I loved what I was doing so much that I even stayed a little bit more in university and got a master's degree. I got hired a few days ago in the city we wanted to move in. I'm a technology teacher. I'm engaged to a wonderful man. I met him thanks to you. Four months after we broke up, you went to a party I was attending to throw your new girlfriend at my face. I was so sad that I went outside to not see you together anymore. That awesome guy saw I was alone and came talking to me. We've been together ever since. We are traveling the world like you and I were supposed to.

When we were teenagers, we loved writing letters and speak in English when we were alone. I guess this is the best end I could offer to our love, although my English is not as good it used to be. I hope you'll have an amazing life. And as we say it in our mother tongue,

Merci pour tout.