msnbc morning joe host joe scarborough

Subject: msnbc morning joe host joe scarborough
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 31 Oct 2019

Joe with all due respect you're sitting their in your nice cozy studio in new york fancy sweaters suit etc telling american people not speak their mind by telling them not to chant lock him up to Donald Trump really! Remember it was started at the 2016 republicans convention by the crowd then countinue on at Donald Trump's rallies in which Trump encourage the chant and still today at Trump's rallies or his twitter feed lick her up lock up Hillary Clinton. I recall not all that long ago Trump attack you & your wife Mika about her looks & you're crazy and now all of a sudden you're defending him . Well I'm not suprise a person doesn't change their political party with the tax cuts conservatives judges policies etc it's good for you! Well let me tell Scarborough fans have every right to express themselves to a sitting president whether it's Donald Trump or Barack Obama or whoever it's their right and their nothing you can day or do about it!you entitled to your views but that's all you're entitled too your views!