Mr. Putin

Subject: Mr. Putin
From: Katarina
Date: 31 Mar 2022


Enoug! Have you got any idea what you have done?!?! I really doubt that you fully comprehend what your “special operation” caused. It is more than obvious that you do not understand the consequencies and the impact your war has had. And I am not talking only about lost lifes and destroyed cities, the highest price that is being paid by Ukraine people. Your war has created hate, anger, dislike and frustration that will last for many decates to come. The hate and dislike is aimed not only at your person, but also at your country and your people. By this decision you sentenced your people to hardship and affliction. You lead your country backwards, your country will find itself in Stalin’s era once again. You got stuck in time Mr. Putin. Your politics are stiff , rotten, old fashioned and unadvanced. You are an old man without vision and without exeptional personality . The peace is main base for prosperity and progress. You should change and inovate the way of thinking. War is never a solution. Apart from all mentioned above, the direct result of this war will be also starvation, powerty and suffering in other parts of world.

To be a leader of a great country does not make you great leader, as you so succesfully prove every day lately. You pride yourself on Russion history. But I am afraid Russion history will not pride itself on you. Your name will not be erased from it, that’s for sure. But it will be at least controversial, placed in the category of not so popular ruthless and careless leaders, that history is so full of and so sick and tired of. It will not be refered to with regard and respect. In my eyes and in eyes of many others Mr. Putin you already are looser. No matter what the outcome this war will have.
In my eyses Mr Putin, every child hiding in shelter, trembling from the fear at the sound of bombing and sobbing in mother’s arms is far braver, than you will ever be!
In my eyes Mr Putin every 70 year old man who walks through debris of his house, his life’s ruins will have far more sympathy, than you will ever have!
In my eyes Mr. Putin every life lost as a result of your war will be honoured far more than your life ever will be!
You overcalculated yourself. You must know it too.Ukraine will haunt you. Its victims will haunt you. This is the biggest mistake you have done in all your career. Ukraine is the beginning of your end. The path you took, leads nowhere. Diplomacy and negotitions are the way. War is not a solution. And therefore stop it! Stop the killing and suffering right now. Do you really believe, that more dead children, more dead women and more dead old helpless people will help you to achieve whatever it is you want ? How exactly ? Is there no humanity in you? Don’t’ you feel for the children and the families? You yourself are father…….how can you?? How can you?
You present yourself to the world as judo fighter, hunter, strong man and so on……And yet you cowardly give orders to bomb innocent civilians. How brave of you. How courageous of you. How liberal of you. That really shows your character. Retreat your army! Leave Ukraine! Help with rebuilding cities that your army destroyed.
I am very angry. Very angry and upset. With you. And yet I do not wish you death. However I do wish, that you will feel sadness of every person directly affected by your war. I wish your heart will fill with sorrow of every widow, every child who lost his parent, of every parent who lost his child, of every single person who lost loved one in you war. I wish your heart will burst from all this sorrow. I wish you will tremble and shiver from the fear for your life and the life of your loved ones as Ukrainians did while being bombed and shot at. I wish you will have from now on sleepless nights. I wish happiness will vanish from your days.
A piece of advice. Every day that is given to you, beg God for forgiveness and mercy. You will need it. You will need it badly, when your judgment day comes. You are just like me, or anybody else. Just a man of flash and bones. Nothing more, nothing less. Just as mortal as any of victims of your war.
Hopefully God will send you The Holy Spirit, so you can see what you have done. So you will be able to regret what you have done. So you will be able to repair all the damage that you have done.