medal freedom honors

Subject: medal freedom honors
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 8 Feb 2020

I didn't watch the State of The Union only the highlights in my personal opinion Rush Limbaugh should be the last miserable human on this planet & yet he receive the freedom medal of honors!I not surprise seeing this was Donald Trump 's (STOU) night to rub in that disgusting display when Rush Limbaugh receive that precious medal by Mrs. Trump a slap in the face to all African American base on what I heard about Rush when it comes to African americans he not to kind on blacks from his recent past comments related to the first Black President conspiracies that he wasn't born as American as well towards African americans using the "N" word. If any one should have receive that award should have congressman John Lewis a brave guy who went through getting beating up etc for African American to vote a place in this country for all minorities ! James Shaw who risk his life for another at the waffle house save a life now that takes courage not some fat racist mutha f**** like a Rush Limbaugh that deserve the prize!my condolences goes to his family in this time of need but, Rush Limbaugh is the worst (SOB) of a human being to ever receive such a precious award for what telling F**** lies when it came to blacks or other topics related to African American Barack Obama F Limbaugh F Donald Trump & their supporters !