Massive Fraud & Censorship At Reddit Censoring Heavily For Hillary Clinton - Hiding Crimes

Subject: Massive Fraud & Censorship At Reddit Censoring Heavily For Hillary Clinton - Hiding Crimes
From: A fan of Julian Assange, Free Speech, Glenn Greenwald & Anonymous
Date: 3 Aug 2016

An Open Letter To:

Julian Assange
Matt Taibbi
Seymour Hersh
Peter Schweizer
Greg Palast
Edward Snowden
Judicial Watch
The Intercept
Glenn Greenwald
The GUardian
The New York Post
The New York Daily News
Haroon Sidiqui

RE: 911 Saudi cover-up by Hillary Clinton and receipt of $10 million "donation" (hush money) by the Clinton Foundation

Dear Friends of Free Speech & Truth,

Be advised that one can no longer trust Reddit which is now owned by the 46th largest company in the world - Advanced Communications, which is a supporter of Hillary Clinton in more ways than one.

In just one day alone I saw three posts referring to Hillary Clinton being fired from her Watergate job "for lying and unethical behavior" which is absolutely factual information deleted without explanation by any moderator. Google the story and you will find five references to her termination from the Watergate Committee and an "unethical lawyer".

Then just now, this post disappeared which is far more serious...

"The smoking gun evidence was delivered to Hillary Clinton by FEDEX on September 19th, 2001 proving that she committed PASSIVE TREASON by willfully ignoring the Saudis that paid for the murders of 3000+ American citizens by ignoring 2 letters totaling 10 pages and a 3 minute video tape of corrupt FBI Agent Terry Nelson and a 4 minute audio tape of honest FBI agent Maury Berthon (transferred from Miami to New Orleans) before being told to retire. READ THE LETTERS! In the State of New York it is a felony crime to "wilfully ignore a crime in progress as a government official" Will the New York AG now do his job and indict Hillary?

Now you know WHY the FBI could not push for Hillary's indictment on the emails becaise she has these letters that prove the FBI also covered of for the Saudis and muder victim John Wheeler also sent her copies of photos of the 911 black boxes and Enron insider trading files the FBI denied they have yet the documents had FBI classification stamps on them. The names are here and the NY attorney General only needs to grow a pair and depose the retired agents under oath and the authors of the letters - one of whom was deliberately stranded in China by Uncle Sam.

This is a classic example of when Graymail is far more effective than blackmail. The Saudis rewarded Hillary's silence with a $10 million "donation" to the Clinton Foundation a few weeks after Hillary received these two letters and the tapes.

America deserves to see and hear those tapes now! Congress must subpoena FBI files and former agents Terry Nelson, Maury Berthon, John,Marley, and Tom Doktor NOW and depose them publicly under oath. Americans deserve the truth. GOP Senators should also subpoena book manuscripts seized from witness Brice Gorcyca who authored one of the two letters to Hillary Clinton after meeting with Bill Clinton in Florida. Witnesses say manuscripts were seized at gunpoint by G men without any warrants and pointed loaded guns at 60 year old Grandma holding 1 month old infant.

DISCUSSION POINTS... 1) Who is policing the FBI on this matter? 2) How can book manuscripts be legally seized without a court order in America? 3) Should the elections be postponed until the above letters and tapes are reviewed by the Congress and public?"

Now as crazy as it all sounds, I took 30 minutes to read all the links and discovered it leads tp real court cases, real murder victims, real Panama and American companies, and real facts and FBI agents who all recently retired. Somebody clearly did not want this genuine information on Reddit for a million people to see.

I have sadly come to the conclusion that America is maybe a few millimeters better than China when it comes to Censorship and on par with Honduras when it comes to election fraud that is taking place right now in America as proven with the California and New York Democratic primaries.

The above needs to be taken seriously and investigated ASAP or we will soon have yet another criminal in the White House.

Thank you for your objectivity.

P.S. Yet another example of Reddit Censorship is here