The main stream media

Subject: The main stream media
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 30 Jul 2019

I just want to say to the media &media reporters you letting Donald Trump controls the news cycle by continuing covering stories whenever trump tweets about something or something whether it's members of minorities in congress immigrats or what ever Trump tweets .you're covering for days and missing reporting the main stories of what's going on with Donald Trump & Trump administration economy children lock in cages election interference he winning trump is distracting the public of the important stories that concerns american citizens and yet you media hosts &reporters pundits want to continuing reporting on what Donald Trump in which all he tweets is f****** lies but, you f***** media hosts &reporters want to continue reporting it letting Trump controls the news cycle while not reporting the main issues that matters to american people .you corrospondents is fucking cowards for not challenge Donald Trump whenever you corrospondents &reporters ask him questions about his administration doings for the american peoplehe lies to your face and you corrospondents &reporters are pussies for not challenging him on his lies more just do your damn job as hosts &corrospondents!