Listen A (Part 2)

Subject: Listen A (Part 2)
From: You Know who
Date: 8 Mar 2021

I really don't understand you. Understanding a woman is never easy: whatever behavior a man decides to have, always seems to be the wrong one. Especially if in the past the same woman has repeatedly made it clear that she is annoyed by the presence of the one who is writing this open letter. I am sorry that this letter is written on March 8, the date chosen for International Women's Day. But this too has a sense, a reason for it. Throughout the time we interacted virtually I never once wrote and said anything even remotely close to the intent to belittle or humiliate you. I think even with all the imagination possible in this world it would have been impossible for anyone to misunderstand the words I wrote. But you did. You were able to feel offended, insulted and humiliated by the words of a guy who weighed every single sentence before writing it to you. You wrote that at some point you realized that it was not my intent to hurt you. Thank God! The real mystery is understanding how you may have misunderstood everything. Honestly, I believe you have never misunderstood. You just didn't care about everything I said. You had your head somewhere else. I don't judge you for this, it was your right do it. Then there is a really curious fact: among all the people who "entered the chat" who freely said everything they wanted about everything and everyone (and even heavy words about you), strangely the only phrases that hurt you and that made you feel bad were mine? Forgive me, but I don't believe it. Again, you didn't care what I said in the chat. Simply. You are now a married woman. I wish for you happily married. You also became a mother. You have great responsibilities. Personally, I have instead decided that I will never be a father. And I've never been married (where did you hear that? LOL). If it was unfair to disturb you in chat, let alone now. I have no right to disturb you anymore. After all, mine has always been a nuisance and nothing more for you. For a long time you just ignored any of my messages (even birthday wishes). This was also your right. Just when I decide to gradually disappear from your life, here you write letters, even open letters and so on ... I never thought you were stupid, quite the contrary. Maybe it bothered you to have met a guy in chat who told you nice things. Of course, I'm just making assumptions. Honestly, I don't think my absence from your life is a problem for you, quite the opposite. You always proved it. You also told me that I have never been the answer to your prayers. It is certainly true. But I had already understood it from that day in mid-November. The real question is: was it really necessary to point this out, especially after a long time? Surely God's answer to your prayers right now is wearing the same type of wedding ring as you. I don't want to write a papyrus, for my part I want you to know that I have no intention of interfering in your life. You never believed me. I hope you will at least believe these very last lines. Goodbye.