A letter to the world and the UK about the Coronation of 'King' Charles

Subject: A letter to the world and the UK about the Coronation of 'King' Charles
From: John Carter and friends
Date: 4 May 2023

Dear people of the UK and the world,

I am lucky to be looking on from a distance. When the UK gets hysterical, the distance is a good thing. The UK press and PR firms protecting powerful institutions such as the Royal Family, NHS and Church of England, give the world a misleading picture of situations in the UK, and it helps to know the realities and watch from a distance.

The general public aren’t all behind the Coronation, the newspapers are being paid into a frenzy about the Coronation, and that’s a show for the rest of the world, as a lot of UK headlines are, the Press shows don’t reflect the reality of how people feel, and some of the headlines are alarmingly misleading and inaccurate as well as many being ridiculously fawning, who is footing the bill for the PR campaign, and is it a percentage of the amount being spent on the coronation while the poor state of the UK is leaving children starving?

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ comes to mind, the story of the arrogant man who because of his arrogance, strode naked down the streets, until one little boy dared to challenge the silence and speak truth to power ‘He’s Naked!’ the little boy cried, and after many years of deference, the people shouted ‘He’s naked!’ and the reality is, the UK press and the abominable Archbishop and his cohorts are trying to spin a fake cloak round an adulterer and associate of paedophiles whose wife died unhappy and damaged because of his adultery, leaving their two sons without a mother.
The state of the UK is concerning, and Brexit, engineered through lies and press deceit, leaving so many people suffering and lost, is a symbol of that. The UK press are a major player in the destruction of the UK, as are the Church of England, and combined, their deceit makes the Coronation even more of a farce.

The press keep talking about the Queen, maybe they haven’t heard that she apparently died last year. There is no Queen. The woman with a face like a slapped behind is not Queen, she’s the mistress of the Queen’s son, she was his mistress while both of them were married to other people, while Charles’s wife bore him two heirs legitimately and was left destroyed by his unfaithfulness and the almost open reality that she was just a breeder for the heirs while he was infatuated with another man’s wife. The Daily Trash newspapers in the UK, drowned in PR money, are trying to make this into ‘The greatest love story of all time, while Charles’s lawful wife lies cold in her grave. An example of the press misleading the world and angering the people of the UK who they do not represent.

It appears that both Charles and his consort have had facelifts of some kind, further adding to the fakery; pictures supposedly depicting Charles, show someone else, weirdly changed and with a strange fruit punch mouth, as if he’s been sucking a red lollypop, it looks like PR firms have tried too hard to transform him into a ‘real relatable person’, overdone it and it looks fake. While at the same time, yet another ‘Royal Expert’ is making claims that his personality has changed. According to sources over the years, he never had one, but these ‘experts’ are another angle to the ridiculousness of the Royal Family and the press.

When people are drip fed sugar continuously, they get sick; the annoying overdone PR for the Royal Family, especially for William and his family, has ramped up and up, you can only call pictures of their children ‘adorable’ and ‘poignant’ so much before it gets silly, repetitive, and boring, poignant? There are children dying in poor accommodation and without enough food while these spoilt children are paraded, their every word and image and even what they ‘might be saying’ is forced on the general public as if they were celebrities, and the charm offensive now is purely offensive and not so charming. The same goes for the Royal Family doing the same as the church of England and latching onto causes such as ‘mental health’ and ‘the environment’ in the rotten UK press, in order to try to gain favour from the few naive who really believe that they care, it’s a sick rotten system of deception whether it be Bishops and Archbishops or Royal Families, with so much wealth at their disposal, ‘supporting’ these causes through PR for themselves and their images and yet keeping their wealth. Neither the church of England nor the Royal family can read the room.

Jesus Himself had strong words about these things, but there’s no sign that the Royal Family or the Church of England are familiar with Jesus or the Bible. The world remains deceived by the Church of England and Royal Family and their press, and the fawning from their press, and it makes for a rotten country and a lot of angry but voiceless people, who will eventually, somehow, revolt unless the church of England grip of the country and all authorities and even education, makes them too apathetic. As with the church of England’s remaining congregations, support for the Royal family is mainly from the elderly, naïve and vulnerable.

Justin Welby used the press to assassinate a vulnerable adult via a years-long smear campaign to silence her and make her out to be insane over her complaints about misconduct by powerful church figures added to this, he used police and other authorities who should have helped her to silence her, to this day she remains dead, the case has been savagely whitewashed, and Mr Welby remains unrepentant and crowing, his incredible sociopathic raving in the press has made him unpopular to any but the naïve and those who blindly support the church and its supposed ‘good works’ without weighing the cost of the lives destroyed by the church against the ‘good works’ which themselves are mainly carried out as PR to vainly keep the pews occupied and the rent paid.

Welby was close to John Smyth, and as a result, Smyth was allowed to escape justice and go to Africa, where he caused a death after years of sadistic abuse of minors. Those are just two examples of Welby’s serious corruption; while his behaviour in the press is horrendous and yet, he’s untouchable, protected with deference and fear by all, from the press to the police, politicians and investigators.

Justin Welby and his Bishops have a few names in common with Charles and his consort, Peter Ball, protected by Charles, is one, then there’s Prince Andrew, a regular churchgoer, and Jeffrey Epstein, Jimmy Savile, Lord Mountbatten, and so on – sometimes it appears that church and royals both believe that the charitable works of paedophiles balance out their destruction of lives through abuse. The Royal Family and the church of England have a quite an enmeshed common circle, an above the law common circle, these people, both paedophiles/rapists and their protectors, do not set a moral example to the UK, they should not have the power and prestige that they do, and as times change and what’s gone on becomes more apparent, less people want a Royal Family or Charles as Monarch, and less people want an above-the-law church sitting unelected in government and influencing all authorities, politicians, police, health and social services, in order to cover up their abuses.

I’ve got this far without even mentioning the incredible farce of Welby trying to control the masses by forcing them to ‘cry out’ and give blasphemous, archaic and ridiculous oaths. Welby, in his behaviour, in his narcissism, in his peacock shows in the press, has always come across as unbalanced and suffering maybe narcissistic personality disorder, maybe delusional disorder and probably both, his church are enmeshed in scandal after scandal and those who cover up, are allowed to stay and preen, for example the Bishop of Durham, who protected child rapists and yet appears to see children as a way of constantly getting PR for himself, or Bishop Dakin, guilty of murder of a vulnerable adult, above the law and not even made accountable for wrecking his diocese, but allowed to crawl away with a PR ‘retirement’ and no accountability whatsoever despite his actions being criminal. These people are not moral role models, neither Royal Family nor church of England, they’re taking everyone for a ride. It’s small wonder the UK is falling and was duped into Brexit, if people think that the way Charles and Welby behave is an example to follow, that these are moral role models, hence their money, prestige and position. What is a king for, when in this day and age when the UK is governed from Westminster, albeit badly?

Why is Welby urging people to ‘cry out’? It is chillingly reminiscent of his friend John Smyth - sexual abusers like their victims to cry out - 'cry out' is best deemed a sexual term, people who want ultimate control like people to cry out, they like to force an emotion for their own gratification. The whole culture of the church of England seems to be about dominance and subservience, and in this day and age there is no place for this, no one should set themselves up over others unelected - King or Bishop.

Have the people of the UK been made aware of what ‘swearing allegiance’ means? Archaic as it is, the penalty for breaching that allegiance is presumably death, and who knows what Welby and his ‘King’ intend to do to make the UK worse, that people might break the allegiance? But again, it’s about control, it’s about the kind of archaic stuff that autocratic, arrogant and sociopathic men love to do, control, Welby and the press have combined to control and mislead the nation for a decade, and the UK has continued to deteriorate during that time, people are homeless, hungry, dead, and these arrogant men are still gorging on them and using victims of a broken society to glorify themselves.
Apparently blasphemy is part of the ceremony, the UK are being asked to chant that the King lives forever, why? So that Prince Harry never reveals the true extent of abuse in the Royal Circle and its connections with the church of England? Harry’s break from the UK and the Royal family even though it hurt him, said so much without words. He wanted his children to be safe, to be safe from the reality of the UK Royal family and enmeshed press. He’s been hounded, as Welby’s victim was, for taking a very sane and understandable stand.

The King won’t live forever, he’s an old man, the often pictured severe swelling of his hands, usually depicted as sausages on social media, indicates he’s not at all well. No one lives forever, and an adulterer, unrepentant and without remorse for his wife’s suffering and death, not only has no right to a claim to live forever, but is going to hell - he's not a moral leader and he's has no more rights than anyone else, to life or anything. The general public only see the tip of the iceberg of what Charles has done, but God sees it all, both in him and in Welby and his cohort of badly behaved narcissistic bishops and other clergy and laity. God won’t be impressed with Welby’s pinnacle of narcissism and delusion for the coronation, and both of these wrongdoers, when facing God, will be told ‘Away from Me, I never knew you!’ The saddest part of that would be the loss of any souls stupid enough to see the behaviour of these men as moral and imitate it, leading souls into hell is the only leadership they are capable of.

‘May the King live forever’ or similar, sounds like it comes straight from a fairy story, it doesn’t belong in this day and age, and Welby is relying on the poor quality church of England schools which prioritise sex and computers and turn people into sheeplike ‘yes men’, to ensure people are stupid and vain enough to be controlled and encouraged to behave like a brainless mob, remember that ridiculous ‘clap for the NHS’ while the UK fell to ruin and the NHS was long since dead? That’s what Welby’s church and enmeshed monarchy and press have made the UK, a nation of sheep who jump to the piper’s tune (often because they think they'll be left out otherwise, or it's patriotic), sheep to glorify him and the enmeshed royal family, or so he imagines, because not everyone falls for it and a lot of people are angry.

Justin Welby should long since have left, held accountable for his gross misconduct and causing the loss of lives by knowing and criminal negligence, he shouldn’t have conducted any Royal Wedding, nor any Royal Funeral or Baptism, those ceremonies are invalidated as he is a wicked man and God doesn’t recognise him as His representative. Using the ‘Coronation’ of a man who shouldn’t really be being crowned as PR for himself, is despicable on Welby’s part.

The newspapers and equally bad and dishonest media, despite knowing otherwise, are trying to claim that the people are behind the coronation and backing it, this is a desperate show for the rest of the world, the Emperor kept walking, knowing he was naked and relying on no one speaking, but John Carter did; the Royal Family, as the UK collapses, are one of the remaining selling points for the UK, despite their own immorality and lack of credibility as taxpayer-funded millionaires in a country where children are starving. The UK, since Brexit, is inaccessible to so many tourists, and the poor quality government makes it inaccessible to the wider world and gives it a bad, name, so of course it’s important for the press and media to try to push the coronation as something marvellous, while the general public’s objections are unheard.

This is reminiscent of the way the church of England use the press to gloss over abuse, the press splash the fake apologies and fake claims that things have changed and fake improvement of safeguarding, and the quieter and silenced voices of victims are not heard above that uproar of praise for the church for their abuse and cover-up.

Dignitaries are obliged to make it look like they support the coronation, and the press blares that too, the UK newsfeeds are a bit like they were with brexit and covid, incessant rubbish published, but there’s no press and media regulation in the UK yet, so this is all dumped on the general public, and the elderly and naïve are usually duped by it and parrot it, this is the UK I know so well and am amply glad I’m not there.

The King is not married in God’s eyes, married to a mistress he was unfaithful to his wife with, at the cost of her life, while she was merely a tool to bear heirs, he’s not shown any remorse for his misdeeds, indeed the ‘comic’ UK papers have glorified his immorality, he’s not rightfully King, and the Archbishop who is soaking in narcissism over the event isn’t rightfully Archbishop, he has failed to lead his church or be a moral authority and has spent 10 years wavering between his desire to be a fake superstar and his desire to be a fake politician, and thousands of complaints made against him to the Lords, Parliament, Police, Safeguarding, ‘press regulation authorities’ and all other bodies dominated and influenced by the Church of England not to mention to the church of England itself, have not made his narcissism waver nor persuaded him to step down, and even if he did, he’d be like Rowan Williams, another abuser protector who still works very hard to get limelight and seek attention for himself now that he’s gone.

Charles isn’t King, and won’t be, it’s a show, a show at the expense of the people, no sickly sweet PR can ever change that. There is no place for rich power in this day and age and when children are going hungry, and there isn’t the excuse of moral leadership, even the deceased Queen was covering up abuses, even in conjunction with Welby, while presenting a flawless and probably very expensive PR image which fooled many.

It has always been fascinating how low the UK press will stoop, but when they hounded Princess Diana to death and then made a beautiful image of her death to placate and emotionally entrap the general public, they lost all credibility to us then. The seeming endless continuation of the UK press trying to rule the general public has been astounding, the lack of regulation more so. No amount of Press-Lambeth-Royal Family expensive PR will ever deceive me or many others, so let’s make this limp and unjust coronation the last farce by Welby at the very least, the UK will have to endure Charles; and those sheep-brained enough to pledge allegiance because of the emotional manipulation to do so, will be responsible for themselves and the consequences as the UK continues to sink.

No amount of PR and lies will change reality, the horrible rotten reality of what’s happened with the Royals, the Church of England and the press, and a country where citizens and the rest of the world are being deceived with the press telling one story and the people knowing another, is a Godlessly led country which, on rotten foundations or under rotten leadership, won’t survive, God doesn’t condone it.

The last thing to ponder is, the Queen would not let Charles be King, she held out for a reason, and she held onto her life and held out, for a very long time indeed, to prevent Charles from being King, why?


John Carter and friends