Let's have a Mass Extinction!

Subject: Let's have a Mass Extinction!
From: Matthew Merkovich
Date: 7 Nov 2014

To Jim Inhofe, US Senator, the great state of Oklahoma,

Hi Jim, and congratulations on your party's recent ascendance to power. I'm also rooting for your appointment to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee! I'm hoping you can finally help me realize my dream of bringing about the Earth's next extinction event. We haven't had a mass extinction since the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event and we are over due. I want to see us dump more pollutants into the environment and really get us irreparably over the event horizon, the point of no return, from ever having an atmosphere that would sustain human life. We are a selfish and terrible species. A virus blight on the surface of this planet. Plus, more people get to meet Jesus! I'm really hoping you can help make my dream, and the dream of many Americans like me, a reality.

Sincerely, your friend.