Kayne West

Subject: Kayne West
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 3 Nov 2019

Mr. West I don't know who you're speaking perhaps yourself why would anybody would listen to you . you're probably want a little attention promoting your new album jesus that all well good you can bad mouth the democrats and blacks all you want but, personally you need to think a little bit before you run off putting out views that have no facts to back it up. Donald Trump is your president not mines as far as I'M concern .Trump hasn't done nothing for the black community but insults after insults . you want to talk about welfare & food stamps while according to reports that presented their all just as many whites on government assistances than blacks nobody at least at all me what a handout besides if you know families who get food assistances is working .Donald Trump doesn't give a damn about the likes of you . he using you just like Candance Owens as well other prominent blacks conservatives just to get some votes from blacks. Is it Barack Obama your feelings is hurt because he called you a jackass if so who cares maybe your are! If you're thinking about running for president first and the most important thing that you need to the issues as well have accurate facts to back it up judging from you you're speaking I'm not sure you do like climate change gun violence economy inequality immigration etc !