july 4 celebration

Subject: july 4 celebration
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 3 Jul 2019

I don't about anyone else out their in america is ready for july 4 celebration of donald trump but me personally I'm not ready for this celebration of donald trump.this celebration is nothing more but praises for donald trump of his farce accomplistments while being in the whitehouse.it's enough that weekend &weekout that this guy brags about himself at rallies with his clueless supporters with lies of his accomplistments but on the fourth of july this is about all of american people that want to enjoy the fourth of july people out their that I know don't want to hear a damn rally speech from donald trump in which it's about while attacking immigrats minorities media democrats & so forth .the celebration should be a time for american people celebrating fourth of july the birthday of america as proud americans .as mention this fourth of july festives with military tanks etc will costs millons of dollars in which that money should be going to a cause to the families &children migrats in the detention center of southern border instead wasted on a farce of a celebration for a uncaring lying ignorant scumbag Donald Trump