John Bercow, Boris Johnston and Justin Welby

Subject: John Bercow, Boris Johnston and Justin Welby
From: JJ
Date: 27 Oct 2019


Dear John Bercow,

Thank you for preventing further harm to many by regulating the Brexit situation where no one else will, your actions have undoubtedly saved lives as a totally uncontrolled and unwanted effort for the Prime Minister's own agenda got out of control and nearly succeeded in a Brexit designed only for the Prime Minister. Many people's lives are in the balance because of Brexit and no real clarity or provision has been made for so many British people who live in Europe, not that there is clarity for anyone in the UK. You appear to be the only person who has regulated the process.

The current Prime Minister and his government and other politicians certainly don't get everything right, but someone unelected who has committed grave wrong, is gaining press and media limelight by trying to be you, and trying to do your job for you, at a time when that person is under a formal complaint for serious misconduct, and I wonder if you could stop this person from using an unelected position to try and control the government and get press and media limelight for themselves?
I do not know if you are aware of the Archbishop of Canterbury's persistent interference in politics or his hypocrisy in doing so, especially considering the formal complaints made, and his serious harm to me and to other church of england abuse victims, but the Archbishop is not an elected politician, he was asked in a national poll, to stop interfering in politics, and the poll had that result despite Yougov trying to word the poll with bias in the archbishop's favour. The archbishop has ignored the national poll just as he ignores all complaints, concerns and criticism. The Archbishop and his rants are purely about him and his ego. and very inappropriate indeed.

The UK has enough political problems right now, without the persistent hypocritical interference of Bishops who need to pay attention to their declining church and their church's huge and illegal corruption and conflictions in government, judiciary, law and other areas which are designed to protect the church in its massive wrongdoing. Pretty much all that is left of the church of england is their massive corruption and undeserved power at the top level and a dying congregation of naive people who are being used to finance the church and keep the actual outlets running, thus allowing the real beneficiaries, those at the top, to continue their lifestyle. As with all Welby's hypocrisy, he seems to miss this when he abuses his power over the press and media with the help of Luther-Pendragon, who get a lion's share of the naive congregants money to produce the Archbishop's rants.
The church should have been separated from the State to practice religion only, a long time ago, the abuse of power, corruption and abuse that the church currently runs for and thrives on, should be long gone, and the current archbishop's mental state and weekly outbursts indicates that he no longer understands his role or place, if he ever was properly aware of it, and his behaviour is getting increasingly desperate, he seems either unaware or unable to acknowledge his own wrongdoing and focus on that, at my expense and the expense of other victims, and has allowed me to continue to be smeared over the case that he and his church whitewashed, even this week with the help of the church's personal press.

The Archbishop needs to focus on his church, which he hasn't been doing in the past six years while he has been too busy attacking his own family in the press and media, complaining about his personal life and health, interfering in politics and attacking whoever he likes, as well as leading three years of smears and harm to me because of the abuse I suffered in the church of england, which was covered up at the expense of my life and health, making a statement greater than any that the church are not safe or fit for purpose. I remain homeless and destroyed as the Archbishop, who is responsible, continues his horrendous arrogant tirades.

The Archbishop abuses his position in order to try and gain limelight or to attack whoever he likes, every week, but I think some clarity needs to be made to the country, that the Archbishop is not an elected politician nor the speaker of the House of Commons, he just thinks he is, and he needs to focus on his own very serious wrongdoing in my case and others before he earns a position to criticise anyone else. The nation feels the same, each silly press article for the power-abusing archbishop is followed by comments from the general public who reflect what I say. The Archbishop's press and media tantrums seem more desperate and more silly all the time, he obvious has serious problems and that, coupled with his inability to take responsibility for himself or stop the continued harm to me of his whitewash of my case, should lead to him stepping aside, and attention being paid to how to prevent an Archbishop from confusing their roles and abandoning their church for politics. The Archbishop and church's behaviour also raises the case for the abandoned next stage of the Leveson Inquiry to be re-opened, and my case, where the church had me attacked publicly for three years and smeared and slurred without a voice and with the Archbishop and Bishops using Luther-Pendragon to co-ordinate that unchallenged effort.

When the Archbishop tries to be a politician, or attacks his own family, or whines about his personal life, or continues to try to use his position as a minister of religion to try to be a superstar, he harms me and he harms other victims who he personally has failed and harmed, he led his church in a million pounds worth of whitewashing my case and leaving me homeless, traumatised and utterly destroyed. Nothing has been done, because the church conflict all authorities, so instead of the archbishop being removed and referred to DBS for harm to a vulnerable adult, he continues to effectively boast that he is above any law and regulation, and worse, he thinks he can publicly judge and attack others, including politicians, he appears to think he personally will gain favour by using what he thinks is the public opinion for his own self-glorification. Please could you speak, as a speaker, and remind the archbishop and the commons that the archbishop has no standing in the house of commons and his use of the press and media for his personal opinion while neglecting his duties is not appropriate?

I enclose a letter, which has also been sent to the Lords Speaker and the Lords Standards Comittee as part of the complaint against the Archbishop of Canterbury. At the present time, the church of england are unregulated, as they have been for too long, and and in many cases, as with the Peter Ball case and mine, the police will actually harm victims for the church's senior figures but refuse to act upon the serious misconduct of the same people. The Catholic church in Ireland used to have the same sort of power, the church were considered infallible and victims were voiceless, that was exposed and opened up, but the church of england are not being challenged and continue with the arrogance displayed by Welby today and in his six years as a faux superstar with the title of a religious leader.

I think that Mr Welby is aware of his hypocrisy, he cannot be unaware of it, considering the efforts he and his national safeguarding team and Bishops have gone to, in order to illegally silence me and other victims, and his reliance on an expensive PR firm for what he is doing, but there are times when his mad fits do make it look as if he really is so seriously ill that his mad attacks on politicians and complaining about his personal life, considering what he has done do not register with him as hypocritical. Justin Welby has taken my home, my friends, my family, my community, my work, my health, everything and still he thinks he can preach what is right and wrong to politicians while he illegally sits in your chair. So while the house of Lords authorities continue to mull the complaint presented to them and allow the archbishop to continue misconduct in the meantime, I would as you please, to act.

My letter to the Archbishop:

Dear Justin Welby,

I understand that you ignore and hide from abuse victims and those who your church harm, which is why I am sending this via your lawyers.

I see that after attacking the remain element of Brexit, who in 2015, you claimed to be part of, you are trying to improve your public profile by prostrating yourself in front of the cameras, the press and media of the world. I wonder if you remember a man called Jesus, and his teachings on the vanity shows of the pharisees? The Pharisees, the same as you, didn't like Jesus, because he harshly reminded them that their shows in helping the poor and vulnerable and praying for them, were just shows. Do you understand that? While you were at the height of harming me, I sent you a Bible, but it seems you have not had time to read or understand it, so maybe the story of Jesus and the Pharisees is alien to you, which would be odd, as you use Jesus Name constantly while using the behaviours of the Pharisees at the same time.

With regards attacking Brexit people and forcing yourself into politics again after being asked by the nation through a poll not to interfere, were you trying to suck up to the first Prime Minister who isn't entrenched in your church and protecting your interests? Do you ever stop and think about the ridiculous way you contradict yourself or are you really blind and crowing as loudly as you can, as your public image presents?

You have a long record of very awful press and media behaviour. You first attacked Wonga in 2015, when you had shares in them and in organisations trading in violent porn and weapons. You didn't have the grace to apologise to the nation when that PR stunt went wrong, instead you used Wonga again more recently while still having shares in them, and you crawled away, leaving your church to make a statement. You have used your own daughter for a PR stunt over and over again, when she appears to be suffering from nothing more than self-indulgence inherited from you, one of the problems with broken Britain is that self-indulgence, reaction to trauma and other life situations are often branded 'mental illness' and those given labels are encouraged to be ill and branded and discredited for life. You are one high profile figure actively encouraging that harmful state, while using your daughter for PR stunts, you have also attacked your own parents, your mother and various fathers, a number of times and made it headline news. Which is another reason for me to understand that you have not read the Bible I sent to you. The Bible has a section called the 10 commandments, and one of those reads 'Honour your father and your mother'. You have broken a few more of those commandments as well.

What is your purpose in your continued role? When you have attacked your parents, Wonga, whichever political person you don't like, etc? Why are you behaving as you do? And have you ever considered resigning after your bad behaviours? Prostrating yourself in front of the world's press and media is a real cry for help, isn't it? The Bible which I told you about, which I used a week's food money to send you while you were harming me, will explain to you why people who use the Name of Jesus in genuine belief do not do vanity stunts, especially when they have unfulfilled responsibilities. Jesus spoke very clearly of the Pharisees behaving in exactly the same way, the Pharisees used the Name of God to stroke and serve their own egos, and that is what you have been doing. Maybe you find it hard, without knowing the Bible, to comprehend the wrongness of your use of vulnerable groups and false apologies to try to glorify yourself and your church, if so, find that Bible that I went hungry to send to you, and read the New Testament, that's the book at the back of the Bible, not quite so many long words as the book at the front, so you should manage, or get someone to read it to you.


I, as someone you have harmed in your press and media games when your attention should be on your church, have a right and responsibility to say what I am saying, and again, in the way of the untouchable and above reproach pharisees, you have tried to hide from my contact and my concerns and my distress, and again you need to read the Bible and think about your position. You harm me again every time you interfere in politics or attack your family or prostrate yourself in front of the cameras.

You shouldn't really be around to prostrate yourself in front of the worlds press and media. Jesus taught that you should do your good in secret, and you, in all your false apologetics through the press and media to vulnerable groups who are unable to adequately answer your through the same press and media that it isn't PR apologies that are needed but change, you seem to struggle with comprehension, so let me explain. You use a man called Jesus, as well as God, as an excuse for your position, but you do not know their teaching. Jesus said 'be not like the Pharisees who pray on street corners where they can be seen', simple enough? Your prostrating yourself in front of the world's press and media while abusing the Name of Jesus or God, because you do not know Their teachings, is doing what Jesus said not to, and if you do not understand Jesus' teachings, then you are not credible to remain in your position.

As you know, your church is under investigation for the systemic rapes and assaults on children, thousands of children who have been affected for life. Most organisations who were under such investigation would not be showing off, which is what you are doing as representative of your church, and what your senior Bishops do, latching onto current affairs and using them to show off, to self-glorify and to try to make the church look viable, if not good, an organisation which uses the Name of Jesus while inter-meshed with government, law, judiciary, charities and authorities to protect that organisation, does not and cannot really look good. Your church, instead of being ashamed of being under investigation, have used it for PR, at the expense of victims, with fake sorrow letters from dioceses, your own fake letter that was forced upon every church member in the country, many sadly naively believing it, which is part of how the church continues to operate, on the blindness of congregation members in thinking that your church is Christian or even that you are Christian, you would be surprised, a few actually do, and that is how the church goes on, without shame and with this sham. But as a victim, let me tell you again, you harm all victims when you show off, particularly those who you personally have harmed in your words and actions and your part in covering up.

The IICSA are making victims feel that justice won't be done, as they have a duty of care to your victims, and yet that have not put a stop to your posturing in the press and media while you are under investigation. Let me tell you what it is like for a victim. Every day the trauma of abuse affects you, every day is a day tainted by abuse and cover-up in the church of england, and every week Justin Welby and his senior Bishops are invading politics while neglecting their religious duties and Jesus' teachings, every week a new crow by Justin Welby or one of his senior Bishops hits the headlines, published without question and despite complaints. Every week, victims, including myself, are re-abused by you. Your fake sorrow PR stunts were a horrendous abuse of victims, as your fake safeguarding stunts have been, and you remain unregulated and without proper safeguarding, and despite your huge noise in the press, you still seem unwilling to remove the conflicted 'safeguarding' Bishop or the lawless, harmful and victim-abusing national safeguarding team. It would appear that Caroline Venables could only be pushed so far to harm abuse victims and left after a short period of time, but those in the national safeguarding team should be facing serious misconduct charges alongside you and some of your Bishops, and a referral to DBS and removal. Doesn't the long delay in that action indicate serious safeguarding failures?

I know your mummy and daddy forgot to teach you about shame and humility, and you are seriously lacking in it, using your six year career as oil baron disguised as archbishop as purely a massive ego and advertising trip for yourself. I can't think of any other public figure who has done this without question for six years, especially in conjunction with the serious misconducts you have committed at the same time. But get someone wise, maybe look outside the church for someone, to sit you down, explain about ego, pride, shame and humility, and then can you give the shame part a try and be quiet, with your church? Jesus did not ask for a grossly overpowerful organisation like yours to be a nuisance and cruelty to the vulnerable, and the UK aren't keen on carrying you and your out of touch and interfering church either.

You know how your church leaders are trained to use awful jokes that people feel obliged to laugh at and to use soft manipulative voices to con the mugs? Imagine the service, the soft manipulative voice 'In the silence, let us reflect...on just how atrocious the archbishop of Canterbury's behaviour has been, and now...(let us use the manipulative prayer that the church relies on to control congregation) let us pray that Justin Welby turns to Jesus and repents, and understands that his six year burden on the UK should end, and Justin Welby, having had more publicity than anyone ever needs or deserves, especially considering what Justin Welby has done, steps down without any more pomp or self-glorification, and brings this sorry episode to an end...and he has a few long overdue responsibilities to fulfil including the removal of a number of senior figures and a number of investigations he needs to initiate, including into his own activities. We wish Justin an obscure and noiseless retirement, and as short as possible if God is Good. Amen.

I imagine a long holiday in hell will do you good, Mr Welby, after what you have done. No amount of PR firms or lawyers or protection by conflicted IICSA and NSPCC and other authorities will change what you face for your actions when you meet the Jesus and God of the Bible who you do not know and act as if you will never be held to account by. Maybe you really think, really delude yourself that your criminal behaviour and narcissism is accepted by them. And yet you don't think I deserve to be able to live a normal life. You are standing between me and the God who I loved, and you have no excuse for it, indeed I have been waiting for six years for you to contact me and explain your determination to do the opposite of Jesus' teachings. If you read the Bible I sent you, you will read about the parable of the lost sheep, the prodigal son, and others, get an older and wiser person to explain to you what they mean.

The only good thing about the hell I live in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is that I saw and see what the church of england is, and I am no longer a supporter of it or upholding it financially or with the volunteer work that your lying reports forget, and I see the sham it is. You know how I blogged the story 'The Emperor's New Clothes' and dedicated it to you the other year when you were doing PR stunts? The church of england itself and not just you, is the emperor, naked and proud, displaying all over the place while the nation looks on in silence, because the church control what the press put out, the church control what the press say, the church conflict social services, the police, the courts, the charities, especially the abuse charities who are supposed to deal with the church's victims, lawyers, government, the house of lords, the church conflict every authority in the nation so that the church can do as it pleases, and the nation still looks on in silence, afraid of being accused of religious hatred, unable to be heard when they do speak up, and enduring silly blind church members whittering at them if they do say the church's wrongdoing is wrongdoing. The church is the naked emperor, strutting down the street in arrogance and vanity, and not just you, although you do indeed fill the role. You and your church are operating on terms of complete falsehood, none of what is described here is to do with Jesus or God, and I don't think it is possible for your or your senior Bishops to behave as you do and believe in God.


Do you know Jesus or God, or not? You behave as if you don't, you don't appear to know your Bible, your PR stunts are the best evidence of that. But as archbishop, it would have been impossible for you to take the role without at least an elaborate pretence of knowing God. And my view is that it was an elaborate pretence, your six year reign indicates that. So do you know Jesus' teachings and the Bible or not? Again, my view from your reign, your behaviour, your harm to me, is that you don't. But as said in the Emperor's New Clothes section, you aren't challenged on it. You have not been challenged on your conflicting and wrong and inappropriate press and media stunts. My case was one of the press and media stunts, one of your first, showing a very posed picture of you with your fake wisdom and holiness look, which is different from your tantrum throwing look that you use more these days as your interference's in politics get more desperate. While your church continues to be unregulated when it should be regulated, complaints against you and your behaviour are not being dealt with as they should be, as letters to you are ignored, letters to the government and Queen about you are not dealt with, although Her Majesty appears to be not amused by you, the same as she wasn't by Donald Trump, she apparently has to suffer it all in silence and has no power to actually take a stand. The church needs regulation, and you are the best proof of that.

When you used me and my case for a PR stunt with a distorted report produced by a church member without proper qualification and authority and without my knowledge or consent, how did you consider it to relate to Christianity, or even humanity, decency or the welfare of a vulnerable adult who the report was supposedly about? Did you think for one minute about the impact on me as I tried to rebuild my life? I am awaiting an apology.
When contacted by me, you failed to respond, despite your big PR stunt being a theoretical apology to me, an 'apology' like your prostrating yourself for the press and media this week. I wonder as I write this, why would someone use so many shallow shows of sorrow in front of the press and media when Jesus' teaching was against it, is it your only way of getting pleasure? You did this at the expense of my life and wellbeing and failed to answer to my response. No courtesy, no humanity, no humility, no apology, just years of severe unchecked and unregulated harm that no one at all would stop.

For three years after you launched my case into the press with your fake sorrow:

You allowed and enabled attacks on me by the press and general public and allowed conflicted reports to be carried out at the expense of my health and wellbeing. For three years you and your bishops, clergy and laity publicly destroyed me with discrediting and smearing and with reports based on the wrongdoers in conflicted positions in your church.

For three years after your shallow press and media based apologies, you let me be utterly destroyed, and you not only condoned that and ignored any correspondence from me, you also jeapordized what was already a conflicted whitewash by the conflicted Jan Korris, John Gladwin, Heather Steel and Rupert Bursell and Jersey Safeguarding Partnership, you intervened on the behalf of the defendants, in the press and on the radio, and you also intervened in a clergy discipline complaint against the Bishop of Winchester despite your open support of the wrongdoers in my case. Your actions destroyed me and destroyed each home I took, each job I took, the degree I was doing as part of my efforts to rehabilitate off the streets, everything. Your actions relentlessly, mercilessly were driving me to death, remember the 10 commandments? Why did you try to kill me through utter destruction of my life after your 'apology' to me?!

Your actions caused the collapse of Bob Hill immediately after he defended me from hate attacks sparked by further press and media coverage of the case because you and the Bishop failed to tell the general public that I had preserved my life by taking an injunction against the Bishop, and although I had no lawyer and was in a pitiful state and the Bishop's powerful lawyers did their best to jeapordize the court case, the Bishop remains not only under an injunction but also in contempt of court, not only in contempt of court but also still harming me by police violence which should not have been able to occur had you and he fulfilled your duty of care to me, your responsibilities including removing the conflicted investigators, and your duty to make sure I consented to any investigation and was able to give my side of things, and as it is, as I remain a destroyed and seriously injured fugitive because of your madness and lack of responsibility each day that this goes on while the national safeguarding team act criminally and dangerously to defend you at the expense of my life.

In May 2016 I tried to concentrate on my exams at the end of my first year at university, which I had survived despite your PR stunts leaving me starving as I couldn't deliver newspapers with front page coverage of your arrogant attacks on your family, and which I had survived despite Bob Hill collapsing defending my life against hate attacks caused by you and the Bishop hiding the injunction I took against the Bishop over his conflicted whitewash hate attack by Heather Steel, which he was asked to stop and was provided with evidence that this was not a report but a whitewash by a member of the conflicted Deanery, Judiciary, lawyers and others who you handed the whole whitewash investigation to so that they could defend the wrongdoers publicly and at my expense.

In May 2016 as I struggled with my exams after you had wrecked my first year at university, you and the Bishop, without my knowledge and consent, as with all the press attacks through the three year million pound public whitewash and discrediting attack on me, you launched a discrediting attack, upholding the key wrongdoer, although the investigation had missed out most of the wrongdoers in the years of abuse and harm to me by serial abusers except to allow them to attack me, lie about me, and unchecked as you never verified any of the smears of with me, and you failed to record my story at all. So you publicly upheld the wrongdoers, allowed the Bishop to offer me another fake apology while instead of publicising that his report had been stopped by an injunction, again tried to discredit me and public breached his injunction by claiming that the report would harm me and was being fed into the conflicted Bishop Gladwin report another whitewash without my consent. The Bishop publicly stated he was breaching the injunction by sharing the report with Gladwin and publishing it, breaching the court order. You failed even then to remove the Bishop, after you prevented the clergy discipline complaint against him. You showed your lack of understanding of safeguarding and morals, as well as your lack of Christianity.

It appears that you and the Bishop, launching such a public attack on me, intended to kill me, and you nearly did, and what could have stopped my death after several decades of horrific harm to me by the church, both through unchecked serial abusers, and through the church's efforts to destroy me for reporting the abuse, including police violence, imprisonment, prevention of me being housed, and most of all, your horrific public attack on me.
There shouldn't be a state or place where a vulnerable adult can be publicly and blatantly pushed to death in such a horrific and open way and instead of the authorities acting, they jump to your command to attempt to make me out to be insane and a criminal for reacting to this. Your prostrations and desperate sorrow over everything and everyone is an act and a sham, this is a human life you have destroyed without remorse, and I suffer without relief, and more so when you do your sham sorrow acts.

If it hadn't been for a man in Jersey phoning me and talking to me for a long time about your and the church's terrible open and unchallenged sham in destroying me and upholding wrongdoers, I would indeed have died that day in May 2016, as I had taken more harm than a human being could bear. Sometimes celebrities or ordinary people are subjected to short term smear campaigns and nasty press coverage, celebrities can usually afford lawyers and get some sort of apology, some ordinary people die as a result of just brief press slurs and public ignorance and backlash. I had survived three years of the smears, hatred, ignorance and resulting discrimination that your church led with the press and media and encouraging the general public to join in, you offered no apology and failed to contact me. You and the Bishop would have been very disappointed for the fact I remained alive, so that your hope of smearing me as 'mentally ill' that UK excuse click word that brands so many people in Broken Britain now, and then your release of the whitewash reports without me in the way, was foiled.

A normal human being could have died under what you inflicted on me, I am a human being broken from a horrendous upbringing, and also diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and attachment disorder which went undiagnosed until I was an adult and able to seek the poor medical help offered by the NHS. Your church's poor portrayal of me as 'mentally ill' while under intolerable stress because of your and their actions is archaic, unacceptable, and worse, still unquestioned as there has been no inquiry. And worse, the efforts by the police to force my reaction to your horrendous behaviours to be mental illness in their ignorance, while they refuse to look at the extensive evidence of your illegal and dangerous behaviour and your churches throughout the decades that this has now gone on, is unacceptable and the police misconduct needs to be included in the inquiry.

So then you started the three years of hounding me with the police, resulting in the horrific violence last year where the police, always eager to use violence against the vulnerable in a culture where the police are not properly regulated or supervised any more than the church are and use violence when someone is poor, alone, disabled, drunk or unable to get redress and routinely beat and imprison the vulnerable on the result of the click word 'mental health' which for some reason, whatever it is, is a crime in the UK, and after decades of the police beating and imprisoning me for the church using this excuse rather than stopping the church from harming me to distraction. Anyway, so you destroyed my final home, my final effort to keep a roof over my head, you had me seriously injured and you left me on the run to preserve my life from police violence and further harm and imprisonment to cover up your and the church's wrongdoing. Before I continue, have you inflicted any of this on your daughter just because you have encouraged her to be permanently 'mentally ill' because she had a breakup with a boyfriend years ago? Well, you have slurred her in the press and media, but routine police violence and leaving her a fugitive? Inflicting intolerable harm on her? No?

So, as you show off prostrating yourself in your routine sorrow for the usual poor press and media who don't question or have journalists, Huffington Post and American news sharing groups, when will you show sorrow, remorse, and most of all, responsibility for what you claimed was a 'safeguarding' investigation, a whitewash in the press and media without my agreement or input, carried out by conflicted individuals, unregulated clergy and laity with a vested interest, conflicted positions and money to put behind their campaign against me which you enabled? When do you intend to validate your claims to Jesus and God by genuine accountability and release of me from this fugitive and injured status?

This isn't just an open letter to you, it is a repeat formal complaint, and you have a responsibility and a duty of care. You have a duty to take responsibility for yourself and the Bishops involved, Paul Butler, Peter Hancock, Trevor Willmott, Tim Dakin, John Sentamu, the new Bishop of Dover, and all clergy and laity who have harmed me or blocked my requests for justice and safety throughout this matter. The matter, still unresolved, spans your career as archbishop, a career of PR stunts that, as in my case, appear to be only for your and the church's glorification.

You need to immediately act upon the removal of your 'national safeguarding team' and their breaches of the law and data protection act in order to silence and discredit me and prevent people who I have contacted and begged for help from helping me. It is a reflection on how dangerous and how lawless you and your church are, that you have repeatedly breached the law and data in my case but have been able to leave me living as a fugitive and seriously harmed by the police, and you are legally bound, no matter what lawyer and PR protection you hide behind, to address this matter, the serious harm to me, which by DBS reporting, counts as a matter for you and the Bishops and 'safeguarding' team to be referred, and regarding the breaches of the data protection act that require a referral to the police, you also need to arrange an independent inquiry into my whole case, an inquiry free from all confliction, and an inquiry that covers why you selected and elected conflicted church members, some unqualified and some qualified in law and judiciary to protect the church, who failed to record my story, failed to respond to requests for the conflicted inquiry to stop, and who harmed me.

Your national safeguarding team failed at any point to stop you or anyone involved from harming me, which immediately indicates their dangerous lack of competence, or their complicity. And judging by their actions, complicity is the answer. They did not stop you and the Bishop and church from destroying me, they allowed it, they made excuses to me afterwards that 'They had no power over you and had had words with the Bishop over his behaviour' as if having words would remove the dangerous Bishop or undo the damage by the same unrepentant Bishop.

The national safeguarding team, after you destroyed me, spent some months provoking and distressing me with crass and dangerous takes on my case, which again showed them to be unsafe and incompetent. They also spent that time trying to force me into a meeting which they were unable to explain, so of course I wasn't going to meet with these people who had allowed my near-death at the hands of your cover-up. So, they had already illegally involved a cop-out church-conflicted 'forensic psychologist' with both parties breaking the law and breaching the data protection act to try and excuse the church, and they decided, you decided, the most fool-proof cop-out would be for this paid law-breaking psychologist to order that I was ignored, a watertight shut down of the million pound whitewash of my case? Yes, you hoped so. After the national safeguarding team had insulted me and added to the damage you did and told me with confidence that they and thus the church could possess the whitewash done by the conflicted Jersey safeguarding partnership without question, despite me contesting that illegal church-arranged whitewash.

So the national safeguarding team didn't get their mysterious meeting, you and the Bishops broke the law by failing to meet with me as designated by church law, after you had finished your 'investigation', and you walked away, trusting that no matter who I wrote to or begged for help, the national safeguarding team would fob them off. And as you have seen recently, and will have need to remove Moira Murray immediately for, and I trust that you have, the cop out church paid forensic psychologist who broke the law and abused their position in the same way as church counsellor Jan Korris did, has been used as an excuse by Moira Murray in her published illegal breach of my confidentiality, the data protection act and also Moira Murray's illegal slander of me in response to me reminding the church of their serious injustice in my case.
The national safeguarding team's insulting contact after you destroyed me was so fake and so hurtful that they were asked by me to refer my case to an independent body and inquiry. Now they actually tried to pretend that they would, if I would meet with them in a meeting that they were unable to explain, and when I said I wanted an inquiry but would not meet if they could not explain the meeting, then they wheeled the illegal psychologist cop-out in, and apparently this cop-out has been used on other victims, as Mark Foreskitt reported in his blog 'Jersey Today, shades of things to come' where he wrote a bit about the church's safeguarding failures.

I wonder what a neutral psychologist would make of the 'national safeguarding team's' strenuous efforts to protect wrongdoers at all costs, at the cost of the life and welfare of a vulnerable adult who has been destroyed for no known reason, you have failed to contact me and provide me with a reason for destroying me. And what a real psychologist would think of someone in a safeguarding position who cannot be unaware of your and the Bishops' wrongdoing, carrying out such criminal acts of hatred and wrongdoing as Moira Murray, Graham Tilby, Jane Dodds, Johnson, Rose and Venables have against me? Please have the courtesy to explain why the national safeguarding team, faced with the level of destruction you inflicted on me, and also breaching a court order by viewing the conflicted Steel report without my consent, decided that their priority was to hire a 'forensic psychologist' to advise them, because their ability to see the relationship between my distress and your destruction of me was really absent? In that case, why are you employing these factory workers in safeguarding positions and putting lives at risk and harming your victims instead of employing safeguarding professionals? The 'ignore Justin Welby's victim because the national safeguarding team say so' myth is snapped now and as well as an inquiry into my case, you need to make sure these people are suspended and referred to the DBS and there is to be an inquiry.

If you thought I would be forced into silence and go away just because an unquestioned order to ignore me would make my suffering and your wrongdoing go away, you are not in any position to use my mental state as an excuse for anything, you, from a position of power, behaving like that, leaving me in deep agony and trauma, as I remain, and begging for justice, for which you and the Bishop have destroyed me with the police and left me as a fugitive. You want to talk about mental illness, a man who has used his power for this and for routine interference in other people's business, interdispersed with fake apologies to the press and media?!
Even a very sane and stable person would have collapsed under the harm you threw at me, and never once did I have a warning or explanation as each fresh press and media attack ocurred, so please explain why your priority was to breach my inaccurate records with someone you paid, to make an excuse to ignore me when your wrongdoing was so open and so enormous.

Obviously the forensic psychologist who prioritised ignoring a seriously harmed and anguished abuse victim needs to be investigated and removed and anyone incompetent or complicit enough to be in agreement should be barred, just as Jan Korris for abusing a similar position to write a report of assumptions and cover-ups for wrongdoers at my expense. You and your church appear to have an actual business relationship with dangerous subversive malpracticing therapists, as was mentioned by other victims a while ago when the church was making a show of referring victims to bad therapists who allegedly breached confidences with the church, and the breaches I have mentioned are serious and are awaiting your arrangement for investigation.

The use of the police against me with open lies and violence because I have gone on asking for justice is a travesty that you are responsible for, you are responsible for the serious injury to my wrist and hand, and you are responsible that I am homeless and starving while you throw yourself around in fake and vain sorrow. None of this was necessary, you could have carried out a genuine and private investigation into my case and not used me as a puppet for your PR, your lack of humanity, never mind Christianity, is chilling. You don't just look like the bald headed beady-eyed vulture with long grey wings, you are like that, feeding off suffering.

You are obliged to call an inquiry now, into your serious and lasting harm to me and my fugitive state, into the national safeguarding team's ludicrous and dangerous illegal behaviour, into your failure to respond during your three years of harm to me and since, to my complaints and requests for an inquiry, into your continued falsehoods in the press and media in response to complaints about you, into the misconduct of the police throughout my case and you are also obliged to carry out an investigation into the abuse I suffered at the hands of two unregulated abusers in your church.

When has anyone made you explain why the outcome of the 'apology' you issued in 2013 is the person supposedly being apologised to, although you failed to make sure they received that apology, is homeless and destroyed because of you, while a Bishop who has repeatedly committed serious misconduct, including breach of an injunction, is keeping me as a fugitive and seriously injured. My hand and wrist won't heal now even if I am able to cease being a fugitive.

Why did you 'apologise' and then commit harm to me worse than a 1000 times more serious than that already committed? No amount of tantrums over Brexit or throwing yourself on the floor in front of select press and media is taking away the fact that you nearly killed a vulnerable adult and the man defending her life against hate attacks and went on, after destroying her, to use your national safeguarding team to abuse their power to have her alienated and left voiceless, again, they aren't a safeguarding team and they collectively need to be barred. Now, suspension is a neutral act, and the Bishop suspended Bob key as a PR stunt before 'clearing him' of misconduct before any inquiry, rendering the inquiry a sham. Bob Key, who has never been held to account for what really happened, as my story has never been recorded by the church, did not commit the level of misconduct that you and your Bishops and others have in this case, and once you read and understand this, it is time for your and Bishop Dakin, Butler and Hancock's suspensions while this is investigated. On the subject of Key, you, despite not having carried out a proper, legal or just investigation into his misconduct, publicly discredited me and encouraged the media to do the same again when you offered Key a position in evangelism when he poses a risk to the vulnerable and my case has not been investigated or recorded.

As you know, the Steel report is still under the injunction taken by me, and yet the national safeguarding team and John Gladwin have apparently been allowed to view it, and you have kept it as if it is a genuine report, while your files do not contain my story. You have profoundly and openly broken the law, relying on the police branding and destruction of me and the national safeguarding team's efforts the same. There needs to be an urgent inquiry, it has now been another three years of suffering since you destroyed me and tried to close the matter down at my expense. Don't forget in the inquiry, the illegal behaviour of Heather Steel, Tim Dakin and Stuart Gull in breaching my already distorted 'police record', which didn't exist before I reported a Church of England abuser and was immediately and relentlessly destroyed by the police, and don't forget that Gull's behaviour was in tandem with his interference in the whitewash by Jersey Safeguarding Partnership which was already heavily conflicted by members of your church in government positions, and on the subject further illegal behaviour by Philip Bailhache and Ian LeMarquand, conflicted government members with church positions, who also breached police and other records publicly and have remained in church roles while your focus and the police focus has been on destroying me rather than holding them to account.

Being forcibly kept in silence while no one questions you is like being kept dead. The church of england have marred my whole adult life and what I want to know is, why did you launch my case into the press if there was any chance the outcome would be as it has been, did you really just act as a PR stunt without any thought for my wellbeing, to create a much bigger atrocity than the one you claimed to be investigating, and the outcome of wrongdoers comfortably staying and assured they will never be exposed while I am left homeless and suffering severe trauma and at risk of death, when do you intend to break your compassionless and Jesus-hating silence, take a break from your PR stunts and address the matter?

Let's return to Christianity. What teaching of Jesus tells you to do as you have done to me, what teaching of Jesus gives you a right to sit in judgement to the extent where killing or imprisoning me to silence me has been your apparent unchecked aim? What teaching of Jesus allows you to override his express words about judgement and treatment of the poor? And if you have done this to me, how many others have you done it to? And if I am a benchmark, what safety is there for any vulnerable person at the hands of the church of england? As the national safeguarding team have upheld their lawless behaviour solidly for three years now, the church of england are dangerous to the vulnerable and you do not have time to flounce about on the floor and show your knickers to the press and media any more. You need to bring an end to the myth that ignoring your victims and vilifying them to your church-conflicted authorities will make them go away and thus your wrongdoing. That tactic didn't work in the Peter Ball case, the one you used as a PR stunt, getting rid of Carey for PR when you have done as he has done and getting Moira Gibbs to lie about safeguarding for a fee.

You have PR stunted a whole load of cover-up with your fake pastoral letter your use of SCIE for a whitewash about safeguarding, using Gibbs to lie about safeguarding, it doesn't make any difference, my case is the bottom line. You attacked me publicly and unprovoked with an unqualified report without my knowledge or consent, you destroyed and discredited me for the length of your career as archbishop, right up until now, and your ignorance of Jesus is such that you don't appear to see why having me smeared, attacked, destroyed, vilified, prevented from settling and rehabilitating and left as a fugitive and injured and suffering serious trauma is a problem. This is why I refer to you as like a child, not just your and your church's complete lack of understanding of Christianity and humanity but your enablement of serious crime and abuse and harm and your scapegoating of me, leaving me homeless and destroyed when throughout my case, powerful dignitaries broke the law and the data protection act with impunity. Your national safeguarding team are a joke, factory workers trying to do a job that they don't understand, that they have prioritised vilifying, scapegoating and harming me while doing nothing about those serious crimes against me, which one of those powerful dignitaries who broke the law has had their home, community, friends, safety, work and studies violently ripped from them?!

You are well aware of my case and your and your church's wrongdoing, your failure to act while you flounce and preen is horrific, it should go down in history with you as the worst archbishop alongside Theresa May as the worst Prime Minister, and not just because she protected your interests in this matter and others.
Now, there are no further excuses. You can't make excuses to God or Jesus, and you either think you will or that you will repent at the last minute and all will be well, or that God does not exist. Whichever is true, your wickedness will not be forgiven and repented, and your wickedness is a rot inside you that shows, black and disgusting and horrible, every time you do these tired PR stunts as you overstay your welcome. And as you go on in vanity, you expect me to die, either out here without food or a home, or violently at the hands of the police or in prison, silenced. Yes, that is the same as Scott-Joynt, Fisher, and Key, so why did you use them as an excuse to launch my case into the press and media in the first place? Why did you waste that million pounds on horrific destruction of me, they had already effectively destroyed and silenced me and left me homeless and hungry, why did you do it again on a scale a thousand times worse?

Make your flinging yourself on the floor with your skirts up and your knickers showing for the press and media your swan song, you have run out of vulnerable groups for fake apologies and fake compassion in the UK, using the voiceless for PR is a nasty low and callous act, like most of your church's acts, you have moved on to other people silent or gullible enough, with the same bad press and media dutifully reporting it, and maybe holding their hands out for your wallet in return, you may still even be believed by a few people, so call it a day while that's the case and get yourself suspended and investigated. And if you don't like my opinion, remember that for three years you forced the lies and hatred and smears of the powerful church on me publicly, you are so offended by me answering back as is my right, and in trauma and terror and grief, hurts your feelings enough for you to subject me to three years of police harassment leaving me as I am now?!

I do not condone, accept or consent to, any report you have produced about my case, you are to withdraw all, including the church arranged Jersey safeguarding partnership whitewash, you are to apologise, you are to arrange a proper investigation into my case, and you are to make sure those who shared the Steel report and are in contempt of court are dealt with, and those who have harmed me are suspended, referred, and investigated. And don't forget, from 2013 onward I asked the police for protection from harm by the Bishop, and instead, they decided that harassing me and making me homeless, beating me up and leaving me as a fugitive was a better option, the church's abuse of power with police and authorities in this matter is to be investigated. Your harm to me is real and evidenced and is only dismissed by the police as madness because no one is investigating, challenging or regulating them or asking why they have abused their power to discredit me for you. The police should have arrested the Bishop who you protect when he breached the injunction, they had no right to destroy me for him and you and leave me here suffering and hungry.

A while back, someone posted online some articles showing your change of story about your knowledge of your close friend John Smyth's abuse of boys. I haven't seen you do any news article about that, but it says something about you, the type of friend you have, you didn't know your friend had perverted tastes? No? Did you urge your friend to return to the UK to face justice? He abused boys and died without facing justice. I am not a rapist or a murderer, and you are making me live as a fugitive, damned by the UK police and authorities so that I will never be treated as human and with respect. I gave your church hundreds of hours of my free time in volunteer roles and I didn't rape or murder, I gave up my free time after work and at weekends, to help, despite your church's usual view of the disabled as a liability, a burden and an insurance problem 'avoid the vulnerable as you could get into trouble' is your church's creed for the sake of insurance and in total contempt of Jesus. So can you explain these discrepancies to me, why you didn't record the real me and my story, and about your friend John Smyth, and about why you and your dangerous and failed national safeguarding team having me attacked by police without reason or warrant at a peaceful protest at Canterbury, again nearly causing my death. If the press and media are your only way of communicating, then I can send this to them, and see if any of them can scoot round the backhanders and blind unquestioning reporting of your vanity and give me a voice in reply.

George Bell's victims were subjected to a cruel and conflicted whitewasher who was totally unsuitable and wasn't chosen to be suitable, but as an exchange of favours, were they excluded from their own investigation as I was? Before they were subjected to discrediting and a fake apology in the same press release before their abuser's statue was erected in the same PR stunt run by the church?

In the meantime, if you have no answer, give the PR stunts a break, they have gone on for weeks this time and you certainly haven't made yourself look less foolish or vain. You have a lot of work to do, Justin Welby, so get up, pull your skirts back down nice and ladylike and bring your playtime to an end. Even if you kill me, your wickedness against me remains, black and dirty and in public view. You still have lies and defamation about me to remove from online, Graham Tilby lied and said he was trying to do that, when he was trying to force me into a meeting before using the psychologist cop-out after I asked him to refer my case to an independent body for investigation. You are liable for the continued ongoing harm to me. The current Bishop of Dover, even if it is early days, is currently failing in her duty of dealing with the criminal actions of the Jersey Deanery and their associated lawyers, judiciary, states members, press and media, she is obliged to, even Bishop Trevor Willmott's dangerous safeguarding breaches and lies in the press and media and harm to me, it is all obligatory for her to investigate, as well as Sheila Rooke and Elaine Rose's serious and illegal interferences in these matters. So make sure that is actioned as well, and not in a whitewash in the press and media without my knowledge or consent, you have done enough of that to know it is abuse and illegal. I await you arranging the recording of my story in full and replacing the file of malice and lies and cover-up for insurance and PR purposes with the real story.

One very terrible thing you highlight in your continued campaigns of vanity and harm to the vulnerable is the failures of the UK authorities, the complete failure of police, NHS, social services, safeguarding, charities, agencies, and the press and media, in the face of your actions, the UK is in a very very terrible state bad Prime Ministers who claim to be Christians but understand what that means as little as you do, have played a big part in that and hopefully that trend is changing now. You could leave considering that you have done something, highlighting how bad and dangerous things are for victims and the vulnerable in a state where all blindly allow and support your abuse.

Don't forget that you have invalidated your insurance hundreds of times, committed and enabled many crimes, and invalidated your charitable status, and for what, to spend a million pounds destroying and silencing an already destroyed vulnerable adult, there are no excuses.

This is a serious formal complaint involving risk to life and serious and criminal misconduct and injury and danger to a vulnerable adult, and it is only a sign of your criminal incompetence and lack of maturity, Christianity or accountability if you fail to act and fail to bring justice. You have a legal, moral and Christian obligation, and it isn't going away through cop-outs, ignoring me or mindless PR stunts of sorrow to all and sundry when your sorrow is misdirected.