IMPEACH BIDEN NOW! He is NOT "Serving The Will Of The People" but the will of the Globalist Elite who are methodically destroying the American Dream in order to install their socialist NWO. His "minor incursion" comment ignited the fuse to WWIII

Subject: IMPEACH BIDEN NOW! He is NOT "Serving The Will Of The People" but the will of the Globalist Elite who are methodically destroying the American Dream in order to install their socialist NWO. His "minor incursion" comment ignited the fuse to WWIII
From: A retired military vet
Date: 8 Mar 2022

Any American over the age of 55 remembers what true freedom is. We remember when we could speak our minds without fear of retribution, and when corruption was exposed and punished. What we have today is a spineless and demented President who does not care that 70% of Americans what energy independence from AMERICAN oil and gas well. He ignores that 65% of Americans what a secure and scrutinized border. He ignores that 68% of Americans do not want, or cannot afford electric cars. Every single one of his executive orders have benefited China, Russia, or Iran directly or indirectly AT THE EXPENSE of WE THE PEOPLE. In short he has betrayed America to satisfy not only the radical left but BIG PHARMA and George Soros his two biggest campaign contributors.

Biden knows that George Soros has been trying every trick in the book to collapse the U.S. dollar and has been shorting our dollar to the tune of $500,000,000 every quarter since 2019. He knows that Soros has been funding all the "woke" prosecutors, BLM, and Antifa, in our biggest cities. Yet, he gladly accepted over $15 million of Soros money to run for president! Furthermore, Biden has been actively helping Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, hide the 550,000+ deaths and 300,000 + permanent disablement directly linked to the COVID vaccines, by falsifying VAERS reports and urging Big Tech social media giants to censor any inconvenient facts. See here if you doubt this.

In short, Biden has, through his de-facto actions and inaction, appointed himself King of America, and just like Hitler did 70 years ago, he is slowly stripping away our rights and freedoms, one by one, as per the WEF Global Reset Game Plan.

We older Americans enjoyed and cherished...

* Freedom of Speech
* Genuine Privacy
* Freedom of Assembly
* The Right To Protest
* Public Hearings
* An Independent News Media
* Rule of Law
* A Fairly Honest FBI
* Effective Crime Control
* Human and Civil Rights
* The Right To Question Elected Officials
* Public Referendums on Major Legislation
* Investigative Reporters
* Radio Talk Shows not afraid to talk about corruption

What we have now under Biden's reign of incompetence but unbridled powers is...

* Massive Censorship
* Selective Proseuction of Criminals
* Open Borders
* DoJ Persecution of Protesters & Whistle-Blowers
* Warrant-less Searches and Seizures of our homes
* Election Frauds without prosecution
* Woke morons intimidating citizens who ask "too many questions"
* Jailing Protesters without Due Process Rights
* A Corrupt FBI that ignores felony crimes of Hunter Biden
* Seizures of assets without conviction of any crime
* Political Weaponization of Science
* Political Weaponization of Public Health services
* Banning books and seizing inconvenient manuscripts See:

And now after his drug addict son Hunter made millions in the Ukraine, Russian and China for the Biden family, we cannot trust his demented judgement with so many conflicts of interest, known and unknown. Simply read "RED HANDED" and "SECRET EMPIRES" (books by Peter Schweizer) and see proof of how Biden has been using OUR TAX MONEYS to enrich his family and cronies for over a decade overseas.

Today as we sit on the brink of WWIII, I cannot think of a worse or weaker president to be driving our bus than a man who cannot even remember the name of his Secretary of Defense - Joe Biden. Remember, his "minor incursion" comment has now caused the deaths of over 1,000 innocent Ukrainians. Unlike Midas, everything Joe Biden touches turns into an economic or national security time bomb that will affect every one of us, one way or another when they blow up in our face.

Obama and Biden subscribed to the New World Order which is the "New Normal" the WEF and their billionaire members want to impose on us, without a single vote of any common citizen or even Congress! Their self-serving agenda was laid out at Davos and they have wrongly assumed that since they control 65% of the world's wealth and the media and big tech companies, they can have their way with us simply by manipulating what information we are allowed to see and know. A a direct benefactor, Biden is down with this crowd, as is Trudeau. What we recently witnessed in Canada with the trucker protest is just a preview of their "new normal" folks.

My biggest fear is that children born today in America will never know nor enjoy the protections of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, nor even have the word "Privacy" in their vocabulary. We are responsible for their future fellow-parents. Which America do you want them to inherit from us?

Let's be real... This man cannot answer questions without others giving him cue cards or following up with "clarifications" to cover for his blunders, lies, and naked truth he sporadically lets slip out by mistake. Joe Biden is simply not qualified to lead our nation and cannot be allowed to do more damage to our motherland. He has lied and fabricated so many times, he cannot be trusted. One year of failures is enough. Can anyone disagree in good conscience? And no, I did not vote for Trump nor Biden. I voted for Jo Jorgensen, only because dirty tricks forced Tulsi Gabbard out of the race.

The role of our President and EVERY elected American official is "to serve the will of the people" - NOT to decide what they believe will be best for us! They are hired and paid by us taxpayers and should at the very least, give their full allegiance to us, and ask directly WHAT DO YOU WANT MR. OR MRS. CITIZEN. When I was a kid, our family would get letters from Senator Glenn and Congressman Mottl asking us to complete a survey about our preferences on various top issues, and mail it back to them. We would get 5 or 6 of these letters every year. This made us feel we had an active role in how they would vote on Capitol Hill. When was the last time that YOU every received a letter like this from your elected duo?

To my fellow-Americans, I urge you all to grow a spine and help reclaim our nation so our kids and theirs will know the same American Dream that over a million Americans died for over the last two centuries. Remember, "For evil to prevail all that is required is for good men to do nothing". With this in mind, each of us has a choice to be part of the solution, or stay silent and remain part of the problem.