I dont understand why you hurt me

Subject: I dont understand why you hurt me
From: Maddie
Date: 31 Jan 2019

Dear korey,

I still dont understand it. How could you do this? How are you okay with this? Did you enjoy hurtting me like this? You made me into to someone i dont even recognize and you dont care. You told me that we were a forever thing no matter what but then all the lies came out and now I'm the only one who is hurt. Was she worth it? Does she make you happier? I just dont understand. You treated me like crap and you arent sorry for it. You still text me everytime yall fight and tell me you made a mistake. You asked if I would come back but to be completely honest, i wouldnt. You made me hate everyone and everything i hated myself. I gave you everything and it was never going to be good enough for you. You freaked out when i started dating but you were already living with someone else, but if i went on a date it wrong. Im done with you hirtting me because truth is ill never understand.