I am ready.

Subject: I am ready.
Date: 16 Feb 2018

Dear universe,

I've heard that if we ask for your help, your assistance with an honest true heart you never fail to deliver.

Well I need you. I need you to deliver right now. You see I am lonely, lost and scared. When I look into the future, it is uncertain and unclear. All I want is a kind, honest, funny man who will look after me and protect my heart. I want to meet someone and fall deeply in love. I want us to be happy together and make each other proud and excited about life. I am ready to settle down. Ready to get married. Ready to have babies. Ready to start living.

Please take my life off pause and help to bring me love. Please grant me one wish and bring me happiness and excitement in the form of a wonderful caring man who will sweep me off my feet and carry me over the threshold into our future.

Thanking you in advance.