I am done

Subject: I am done
From: Ana
Date: 16 May 2019

Dear life,

Guess what!? I have no hope for you. I am screwing everything up from my exams to my existence. I am such a sad excuse for a human being. I suffered from verbal abuse my whole life but realized it only now. I let people, words and actions get into my head and haunt the life out of me. I cry, I cut and I make myself sick to the gut most days. I can't deal with it anymore my life has lost its meaning, I guess it had no meaning to lose in the first place. I don't matter to people especially the ones who are constantly around me, they don't care, they are fed up too and so am I. I try and try and try to have hope and succeed but it's as if I am cursed! As much as I hate to say it I am giving up this fight, I am done...