How Bruce Gorcyca became a target of FBI persecution - He exposed their crimes, corruption, and murder cover-ups in a book they seized at gunpoint!

Subject: How Bruce Gorcyca became a target of FBI persecution - He exposed their crimes, corruption, and murder cover-ups in a book they seized at gunpoint!
From: Sorting Fact From Fiction
Date: 26 Dec 2019
Jeb Bush drug smuggler?

Bruce Gorcyca a former investigator from the U.S. Treasury Department (IRS) became a target of FBI harassment, fake criminal charges, and 20 years of false allegations and smearing online by simply trying to write a book that the FBI decided to seize before it was published!

What is super scary about this is that we live here in America and confiscating any book manuscripts so the public cannot read it is as Unamerican as you can possibly get IMO. Censorship of any kind does not have a place in the U.S. of A. Does anyone disagree?

Does the government presume we are mindless sheep that cannot form our own opinions? I actually got to read some of the manuscripts which apparently some honest agent must have leaked online. Some of the contents are shocking (like about how U.S. citizens are tortured on U.S. soil, especially outspoken dissidents or protesters of U.S. foreign policy. I was also outraged to learn that witnesses of government crimes and corruption are jailed with fake charges just so nobody will believe them - not just the author but all the pilots and smugglers hired by the Reagan/Bush regime to fly the guns and drugs into Homestead Air Force Base! Read for yourself at

For the details about the torture including FBI cover ups go here;

Gorcyca's book also identifies 87 U.S. government officials (past and present) who are laundering millions of dollars in secret Panama bank accounts, et up by a company where he used to work for a couple of years, and when he gave all the evidence to the FBI, they covered it up, despite the fact that honest agents wanted to prosecute those involved! See here;

His book also identifies a handful of extremely serious FBI cover-ups including Saudi/Mossad complicity with 911, and 4 tortures and murders of U.S. citizens including their own informants Al Chalem, and Rex Judd, amongst 5 others. These are absolute horror stories friends. See (Rexx Judd) in which the murderer, a Russian named Chernov was allowed to walk free and escape to Russia by the case agent Greg Coleman.

Then there is the case of the FBI's top Wall Street informant who did offshore insider trading deals for VP Dick Cheney (Al Chalem) who was shot 10 times while he was actually under 24/7 FBI surveillance and protection. See the details here at

So it is easy to understand WHY the FBI seized these book manuscripts, but now the real question is whether they did it on their own or if someone in the White House directed them to do this? Why do I ask this? Read! is not the only former government employee that has accused Jeb Bush and corrupt FBI agent Terry Nelson (now retired) of smuggling cocaine into Canada by the planeload for years.

Although Gorcyca was the first to report the ring in 1990-1991, Former FBI supervisor Ted Gunderson, CIA pilot Chip Tatum, The elders of the Assiniboine Indian Tribe and others have also documented the operation that even the FBI's chief of Internal Affairs (called OPR) John O'Neil and the DEA's former Director John Lawn admitted "is a problem we are not allowed to deal with". See and the below links that connect the dots for you: (Taken From Gorcyca's Book)

Bruce also discovered the cover-up of the 1996 Chinagate scandal that forced the FBI to arrest and frame one of their own best agents Vo "Ben" Tran for being too honest about what he discovered and was willing to share with U.S. Senators Fred Thompson (R) and John Glenn (D). Tran is now on his eleventh year behind on a 30 year prison sentence - not because of what he did, but because of what he knows... The FBI Director covered up the crimes of Bill Clinton's campaign team taking millions from Chinese donors with obvious links to the Chinese government. After the election Clinton gave the Chinese the "Super Chip" ostensibly for their space and medical programs, but now that chip is used n no less than 29 Chinese weapons systems. The FBI actually paid a fake witness $500,000 to lie against Tran to ensure a conviction that would discredit him. See the details here or visit him in prison:

Even more shameful, Bruce exposes the murder of former SEC top investigator John "Jack" Wheeler who not only confirmed Cheney's offshore dealing of Enron shares, but also the short-selling of American and United Airlines "about 10 days" before the 911 inside job. Who killed him? Gorcyca says both he and the FBI know it was a professional hitman who retired from the U.S. Army as a Colonel and was the Chief assassination instructor at the U.S. Army's Shool of the America's in Panama. This will give you some insight:

Gorcyca had 3 hours of interviews with John Wheeler and Ted Gunderson and the 3 men had agreed to meet in Beijing on January 13th-15th. Due to the sudden and strange murders of both Wheeler and Gunderson, that meeting never took place. The topic of that meeting was to be 911 and the involvement of George H. Bush, the Saudis and Mossad. Gorcyca tells the full story in an updated version of his book which expanded by 270 pages while in China. If the above links do not open for you, it means the feds are corrupting them, and you will need to use to search the subject matter. They have been smearing Gorcyca and hacking any links that support him as you can read here:

And now you know why you can't find Bruce's book on Amazon or in any bookstore. Btw... if you think what Bruce reports about in his book is off-the-wall, you should prepare yourself by reading "Crimes of the FBI and DOJ" by Rodney Stich here first: