Hey Fellow Americans... What would YOU do IF you were elected President? Here is what Bruce Gorcyca would do if elected as POTUS (President Of The United States)...

Subject: Hey Fellow Americans... What would YOU do IF you were elected President? Here is what Bruce Gorcyca would do if elected as POTUS (President Of The United States)...
From: A veteran whistle-blower and military veteran fed-up with all the corruption and growing censorship.
Date: 22 Jun 2020

Dear Fellow Americans...

Did you ever wonder why all of our presidents have been millionaires of the political establishment who never do a damn thing to stop America's two biggest threats - CENSORSHIP and the real Pandemic of Corruption? Why do they spend $300 million dollars to acquire a job that only pays $400,000 a year? Why can't we elect a common sense citizen who is not a millionaire indebted to Big Pharma, Defense Companies, and the Banksters? Someone like you or me? We certainly could not do any worse than the current status quo. If I were president, here is what I would do...

1) I would appoint Trey Gowdy as the new FBI Director and give him a mandate to make corruption his number one priority and reassign assets and resources accordingly. I would ask Oprah Winfrey to be my Vice-President to bring back compassion and humanity to our nation.

2) I would ask Robert Kennedy Jr. or Senator Rand Paul to take the helm of the Justice Department as Attorney General to ensure EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL becomes a reality and not just an ideal that is taught in our schools but never realized. I'd ask Jill Stein to head the EPA and let her tackle the very real problem of Global Warming. Jo Jorgensen would be asked to take over the Department of Education, Elon Musk as Secretary of Commerce and Dennis Kucinich at HHS. Robert Reich, Paul O'Neil, or Gary Johnson would be considered for Treasury Secretary. Ron Paul would be my choice for Secretary of State, Bernie Sanders might be a good choice as Labor Secretary, Robert Baldwin as Defense Secretary, Savi Horne as Secretary of Interior, Mary Matiella as Agriculture Secretary and Tulsi Gabbard would be our UN Ambassador.

3) My first executive order would be to make CENSORSHIP and Fake News a first degree felony crime since all the disinformation that the news media and social media giants disseminate cause huge stress, anxiety, and even violence in America today. TV, print, and social media producers/editors and CEOs would directly be held accountable for their censorship and fake news would earn them a mandatory 1 year prison sentence and a $10 million fine to their company would be imposed by default for every violation. Americans have a right to truthful and spin-free news that is accurate. If Americans want talking head opinions they can watch paid programming that identifies its political agenda in sub-titles as per the funding it receives and from whom. People like George Soros and Bill Gates who use their wealth to manipulate the public opinion and government policies would wear a leash under my administration.

4) Every dirty/brutal police officer involved in any murder of a unarmed citizen or resident going back 10 years would be taken to trial for their role in that murder. If convicted, they could not serve less than a 10 year minimum prison sentence. ALL LIVES MATTER in America and I would never allow any one race to be targeted for abuse. I will require all police officers to upload their body cam videos without editing to a public website organized by cities, and start holding Police Chiefs equally responsible for the misdeeds of those under his/her supervision, especially in cases where former complaints of police misconduct were ignored or went unpunished.

5) My second Executive Order would be to immediately revoke both Absolute and Qualified Immunity for all police, prosecutors, and judges employed in America and require every police department to carry $100 million of liability insurance to cover damages to citizens abused by police officers. Everyone in the criminal justice system would be held accountable for their actions and mistakes in judgements. All police academy trainee programs would be extended to one full year and include courses on cross-cultural communications, conflict resolution, and human relations. The racial ratio of police officers would match that of the community they serve and every major big city would be given the option to de-fund their police department as determined by a public referendum. All American police forces would be demilitarized under my administration.

6) I would order the Department of Commerce to stop corporate subsidies to multi-billion dollar companies like Monsanto, Dow, Microsoft, etc. and use the same $500 Billion to fund no-interest SBA loans and grants to Americans who lost their businesses during the Pandemic loans.

7) I would immediately shut down Guantanamo Bay and every other secret prison we operate in Poland and other countries most of you were never even told about. Likewise I'd shut down our illegal and secret bio-weapons lab in Tblisi, Georgia.

8) My third executive order would be to take away the Federal Reserve Bank from the hands of private bankers after an external audit is conducted to find the missing $6 Trillion as well as the $400 Billion of gold from Fort Knox that disappeared between 1989 and 2010. The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank would then be given back to the U.S. Treasury Department to operate which would eliminate our National Debt within 5 years.

9) I would organize a Citizens Oversight Commission that has 29 reps from each of our 50 states to investigate and offer $50,000 rewards and protection to any citizen who reports any government crime at the state or federal level. All whistle-blowers of government and corporate crimes would be protected from false prosecution, and rewarded for their efforts. I would immediately pardon Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange for their noble efforts to share some inconvenient truths with all of us.

10) I would then order Congress to implement a flat 10% income tax with NO LOOPHOLES of any kind, so the wealthy are forced to pay their fair share of taxes. This would apply to both individuals and corporations. Companies that out-sourced jobs overseas or replaced human labor with robots would pay 20%. Non compliance would get the CEO, CFO and COO jailed for five years - without exception.

11) I would purge the corrupt top management of the SEC, FBI, CIA, and NSA which have all demonstrated an alarming track record of corruption and selective enforcement/compliance with federal laws. I would order special prosecutors to investigate all allegations of abuse and obstructions of justice claimed by past whistle blowers and hold them all accountable for their abuses.

12) Executive Order number five would be to immediately halt all drone strikes by the military unless war has been declared upon a specific enemy. So far over 5,000 innocent children have been killed by American drones in violation of international laws and treaties in countries in which we are not at war.

13) I would form an IRS/Secret Service/SEC task force to investigate insider trading on Wall Street and allow every American to participate in IPO offerings not just those that are "selected". The manipulation on Wall Street would come to an end if I were president. No more Bankster bail-outs.

14) Executive order number 6 would require any public official convicted of corruption to serve no less than ten years in prison and forfeiture of all personal assets. No early release.

15) I would order the immediate halt of domestic spying by the NSA and order them to destroy their databases of facial recognition and voice recognition obtained without consent of American citizens over the last decade.

16) Executive Order number 7 would abolish the Electoral College and we would revert to old school popular vote of one vote per legal citizen who must provide verifiable ID at the polls. I would ask Cal-Tech University to investigate and design a fraud-proof block chain voting process to eliminate all chance of election fraud. Any and all Corporate and individual campaign contributions to candidates would be limited to $1,000 and lobbyists would be disallowed on Capitol Hill. Their lobbying would be restricted to strictly written correspondence subject to FOIA requests by any citizen.

17) Executive Order Number 8 would require all public and private schools in America to teach a course on Civics, Government, The Constitution, and Bill of Rights before grade 10.

18) Executive Order Number 9 would require all Americans who do not serve in the military armed forces to either join the National Guard or volunteer two days a month as a volunteer with your local state militia to keep tyranny off of American soil.

19) All non-violent prisoners arrested for marijuana related crimes would be released from prison with the condition that should they re-offend in any felony they will be deported to a third country of their choice if convicted. In fact all repeat offenders would meet this same fate upon their third conviction for any felony. Or an alternative would be to banish them to a remote penal island and let them deal with each other, much like those who first populated Australia. Prisons in America today are too draconian and beyond affordable reform.

20) As for Immigration... all new immigrants to America must pass a strict background check and learn to speak and read English before receiving a green card. They will not be given more than 90 days of public assistance forcing them to obtain a self-supporting job. This would require giving them a special work permit until they get their green card. Unless these new immigrants have family in a certain city they will be relocated to non-border cities for social integration purposes during their three year probation period. They will be given a choice of five destination cities in need of their services. If they commit any felony crime during this probationary period they will be deported immediately upon conviction, and a 1 year appeal period.

21) I would encourage new political parties to organize themselves to eliminate the polarized two-party Congress we now are burdened with. With 3-5 parties in America we could enjoy the same progressive coalition-style government that Canada enjoys with great success. To this end I would issue Executive order number 10 to REVOKE the Citizens United ruling and set a transparent cap of $10 million per Congressional candidate and $50 million per presidential candidate with equal TV & Radio air time guaranteed to all candidates. All related debates would be organized by the student bodies of universities selected at random every election cycle and the major networks would rotate coverage equally as a Public Service NOT a paid service.

22) All giant Tech companies would be subjected to an immediate review of the their policies and TOS to ensure 100% compliance with the Privacy Act. Violations found would result in a $10 million fine per each offense. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN, and all others would be held to the same legal liabilities and standards of newspapers and be held strictly accountable for new anti-censorship laws as per no. 3 above. The American people are entitled to have spin-free truthful news. Anti-Trust laws would be enforced forcing Microsoft, Facebook, and Google to totally divest themselves of Skype, WhatsApp, and YouTube respectively.

24) I would ask the top 12 Universities in America to investigate and propose a new way to hire federal and Supreme Court judges which should not be "political appointees". These judges should never serve for life but a maximum term of 6 years to keep fresh minds and attitudes in the judiciary and corruption out of it. We have seen 50 years of Supreme Court rulings that follow political party lines. This is NOT justice. Judges must be accountable to WE THE PEOPLE and the U.S. Constitution, NOT some President who appointed them. Perhaps the Bar Associations of every state could make 15 nominations of the best qualified judges in their state with a minimum of 10 years experience, and then all names from all the states would be combined and then names drawn at random drawn to fill positions - outside of their home state to avoid cronyism and political pressures. These draws would be held every six years to overlap presidencies.

25) I would reinstate the mandatory requirements for public hearings and referendums on any infrastructure, technology, or healthcare project or program that would affect more than one million Americans or place their health, environment, or family in jeopardy. The first such public hearings and referendum would be regarding 5G Towers on a county by county basis. So much has been censored about this new tech that 80% of Americans still do not know the real dangers that even General Robert Baldwin admitted are serious. See here for more info. https://opnlttr.com/letter/what-you-dont-know-about-5g-mobile-phone-netw... and also here: https://www.reddit.com/r/4P4U/comments/fs2ga7/5g_is_not_your_friend_here...
It's projects like these that WE THE PEOPLE must have the final word, not a State Governor or Congressman who can easily be bribed.

This is what I would do as president within 6 months of taking office. And if I could do it, why can't Trump or Biden make pledges like mine? Is it because they owe too many favors to others, or because they care more about making money than serving the people? So now...What would YOU do if you were given the chance to reclaim America from the wealthy elite who bought the government we have now? We CAN make a difference people. I leave you with some quotes of our founding fathers that should never be ignored nor forgotten...

"If we become sheep, the wolves will eat us" - Ben Franklin

"Dissent is not only the right of every American, but is our duty as a citizens"
- Thomas Jefferson

"Our freedom is not a gift given to us by others. It is our God given right as Americans that we cannot allow others to take from us." - Ben Franklin

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty
- Thomas Jefferson

"when freedom of speech is denied, then dumb and silent we will be led away like sheep to slaughter" - George Washington

"When the people fear their government there will be Tyranny. When the government fears the people, there will be Liberty"
- Thomas Jefferson.

"If our nation falls to tyranny it will come from within" - James Madison

"Censorship is the first symptom of tyranny" - Ben Franklin