He is...

Subject: He is...
Date: 17 Jun 2015

I often get the question asked to me, “How do you do it?”. People wonder how I juggle so many things on top of motherhood, they question how I will go to graduate school with three children, and begin a career. They question my energy and balance. Well, I will let you all in on my secret. One word, John.

I do not always have it all together. I lack drive at times just like everyone else. I question myself as a mother, just as every mother does. My secret weapon in my arsenal however, is the father of my children. A man, who is more than the typical definition of a “father”. A man who gives more than any man I have ever known, to his family. A man, who takes on equal, if not more parenting than myself at times. He is a man who would give anything for his children, yet the most important thing he has given them is his time. He is selfless and puts his children before anyone else. To say that he wears many hats would be an understatement. He is a father, and so much more…

He is a friend and listening ear for his sons. A man that will always have their back.
He is a role model, of what a man should be.
He is the healer of boo-boos.
He is the handy man of toys.
He is the hunter of dinosaurs and defeater of monsters,
He is the chef when mommy takes her days off.
He is the laundry maid who keeps our closets and drawers organized(because mom never does!)
He is our teacher, with all things important in life…fishing, sports, and God!
He is the bed maker, bath giver, chauffeur, dentist, barber, and sometimes butt wiper!

So, it’s really quite simple, my ability to juggle life, motherhood, school, career, etc., for without John, none of my crazy dreams would I have been able to accomplish. Without him, my sanity would not still be in tact after all these years of motherhood. Without him, I would never have found the ability to believe in myself. Without him, I would have never been able to raise the amazingly smart, well-mannered, and brave little men that I have the honor of calling my sons. Without him, our family would simply not function.

He is more than a father to our family, he is our entire world. Our strength comes from his strength. Our bravery comes from his bravery. Our zest for life comes from his zest for life. I do not need to preface his character for anyone, it is seen brightly in the shine and love in our children’s eyes. The proof of his love for all of his children is seen within the 2, soon-to-be, 3 little men who fall nothing short of exceptional. Each one beaming with happiness, health, and passion.

Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough for everything you give for your children. Our gratitude is infinite.

-Your wife, and Kirk boys