Google is fined $2.7Billion by European Union but neither Google nor Reddit will allow people to discuss it! Thank god Ruqqus and Duckduckgo do not censor. Can the new kids on the internet block save us from the plague of Censorship - the true Pandemic?

Subject: Google is fined $2.7Billion by European Union but neither Google nor Reddit will allow people to discuss it! Thank god Ruqqus and Duckduckgo do not censor. Can the new kids on the internet block save us from the plague of Censorship - the true Pandemic?
From: An Outraged Military Vet and Baby Boomer
Date: 14 Aug 2020

Sadly, most children born in the last ten years were never even taught anything about the Bill of Rights nor our Constitution, and this curriculum omission is no accident. The removal of "Civics" and "Government" courses were covertly mandated by the Bush and Obama regimes without any explanations. So only old farts like me and fellow-Americans over 40 years of age can feel the growing creep of censorship over all we read, watch on TV, and see online. Again this is no accident.

The short story is that Google has become compromised and like the Yelp scandal a few years ago, is paid by third parties to make sure we do not see over 400 specific websites
and the Los Angeles times tell us that Google is working hard to affect the out come of our elections in favor of the democrats.

This is all part of "Operation Jigsaw" - a joint venture between Google and the CIA as is explained in this video recently leaked online and may already be deleted by YouTube, which coincidentally, is owned by Google.

Consumers and netizens first noticed this online search manipulation in 2015 and shortly thereafter CNBC News even confirmed it with this news report This news spooked millions who began trying to avoid Google and search out other search engines and tried to warn others on Reddit, the biggest web site in the world.

Unfortunately, Reddit which is a private company just like Google has biased owners who began censoring the many problems with Google since Reddit owners also favor Democrats and see Google as a political ally. So when hundreds of Reddit subscribers like myself tried to warn fellow Americans about Google, we were methodically and systemically censored by Reddit without any explanation. Those 39 of us who complained about this to CEO Steve Huffman, received no reply but were simply banned from Reddit, victims of Steve's summary judgement apparently.

To be fair however, Reddit deserves the 2020 Creativity in Censorship Award. They waited 12 hours and then changed half of one word to keep it off every search engine index without deleting it from Reddit! Share this with all your friends so they know how we are being played like violins:

But a beacon of hope, like a distant lighthouse saving millions from disaster, drowning in the vast seas of censorship came to our rescue, and it had a strange name - Duckduckgo. These duckers professed to be an apolitical and no-nonsense search engine like netscape used to be (before Microsoft squeezed them into bankruptcy, and charged for their misdeeds by the DoJ).

Duckduckgo offered us skeptic a no-censorship, and no tracking search option. It sounded to good to be true, but for the last three years since my rescue, they have proven to be true to their word, and suddenly after using them exclusively on a daily basis, I no longer get twenty pop-up target ads, a Google trade-mark, but I can read about any subject with out getting "redirected" to political ads and videos that Google does religiously. If you think I am shilling for DuckDuckGo, take this simple test for yourself and you will immediately see a night and day difference...

First go to Google and search "Doctors in Black Plandemic"
Then go to and do the same identical search. Do not use commas in either search. Now just examine the bias and search results you find in both searches.

Recently however a very experience and observant psychologist named Dr. Epstein who had studied Google for two years made a jaw-dropping discovery. Google was only allowing negative posts about President Trump and only positive news about Joe Biden to show up in their search results You can draw your own conclusions here since my personal choice for President is Jo Johansen of the Liberal party since Tulsi Gabbard was sabotaged by the DNC in favor of their anointed one. Then when it was learned that Google has yet other big dollar contracts with the NSA I deliberated disabled every Google product in my computer by corrupting their program code by deleting a dozen characters in their coding, since I have no way to remove their spyware that is permanently embedded in every Android phone in the world (roughly 300,000 million phones now in 2020). Did I mention that Google owns Android too?

Maybe the above is why a U.S. Air Force General named Robert Baldwin went public and claimed Google was a threat to democracy in the world. Wow. That's a powerful allegation. But is it really true? Watch his video here and YOU decide for yourself.

As for Reddit... after they banned me for just complaining about censorship my friend mentioned an up and coming Reddit replacement that supposedly didn't censor anything more than racial slurs and stuff that praised or promoted child porn. I decided to give it a try at and I swear, I got immediate flash-backs to when Aarron Schwarz first put Reddit -online. It has the same "free speech" spirit and passionate users that have ideas on how to fix our many problems in government today. But then I thought, sooner or later a George Soros or Bill Gates will come along, buy out Ruqqus, and muzzle all users. But so far that has not happened and proof of their first amendment spirit can be found by visiting or visit any of their 98 other "guilds" - or better yet... start your own.

America has always been about freedom of choice. When people and government tries to suppress this freedom, American citizens always find a way to retain, create, and promote even more choices. Ruqqus and Duckduckgo are just two of many that may soon becoming our way. So rather than curse the darkness, lets light a few more candles! To get a good supply of matches you might what to make a pit stop at +PrivacySelfDefense and stock up. After all, new candles cannot be lit without some fire.