Georgia Senator David Perdue

Subject: Georgia Senator David Perdue
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 1 Feb 2020

Senator Perdue if you go through this decision on not want to hear from witnesses or get documents from the alleged crimes committed by Donald Trump come this wednesday than you're different than Tennessee Lamar alexander as well the rest of the senators you're annoying the facts that were presented by the house managers denying the american people to get a fair trial covering up Trump's crimes . If John Bolton wants to testify then let him testify to the senate .John Bolton if you're willing to tell your story swore to tell the truth &nothing but the truth personally I 'm not going to spend thirty-dollars for your book when you can just come to the senate present your side of the story instead you're only come in to testify if you're force to by congress F you Bolton and your book. David Perdue are you getting paid by the Trump 2020 campaign or by his ljust asking does Donald Trump has some damage information against you?personally you&your colleagues is wussies when it comes to Donald Trumpyou don't deserve to be Washington if you not doing your constitution duties as a senator!whitehouse lawyers is the reason why you don't want to hear from witnesses?I want be surprise if you're on the take you rather have your job more than do your duties as senator not only in Washington but, representing the American people in Georgia! Senator Perdue F you piece of sh*t just like Mitch Mcconnell covering up Trump's alleged crimes taking his lawyers's money instead of doing your job as well the rest of your colleagues take in witnesses &documents providing facts to the american people you're cheating the american people as well yourself of annoying the facts that been presented to you and your colleagues to make a fair & precise decision on whether Trump committed a crime and should be remove from office.