general elections debates

Subject: general elections debates
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 14 Dec 2019

If I'm hearing this right that Donald Trump refuses to do the debates with a democrat opponent of lame excuses give me a break. Trump is nothing more but, a punk coward that tough real tough around his administration and at rallies about his alleged success as commander of chief & yet he perhaps considering ducking out the debates against a democratic . if Trump then it should his voters and others that he worried about this upcoming election perhaps he scare to present to millions as well to democrats about the issues economy health care gun laws etc because he know that the economy isn't as great as he claims and far as health care Trump & the republicans is trying to take away health care from millions American that doesn't cover preconditions . the idiots that put Trump in the WhiteHouse right now you're suckers in believing that he was for the working class when this whole time it was all about making money for himself as well his families. One thing I have to point out anyone that belittle a sixteen year on twitter about a time magazine cover is real low over something that little his wife having this phony be best campaign give me a break save that be best for Donald because he need to be better instead of acting like a seventy-three year kid!