Fox Host Melissa Francis

Subject: Fox Host Melissa Francis
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 17 Jan 2020

let me say to all the fox news hosts particular Melissa Francis I'm so tired of F***** like yourself always want to use words like " lazy" when describing African americans just to make your boss happy or getting ratings at the expense of blacks . you're entitled to your views not to your own facts. whatever the reason that Cory Booker drop out of the president race you can't assume that he didn't tried or gave up easily perhaps he wasn't getting enough support so he did what was best to step aside perhaps make another run of president so what down the future. For years politicians as well pundits commentary particular whites has always assume that blacks are "lazy" their are some lazy people of whites one for example Donald Trump who spend more time of " executive time" watching tv insulting people stuffing his fat a** of kfc McDonald playing golf more than working for the people if anyone is lazy that's Donald Trump! so let me be clear I work I'm not asking for handouts or on the street corner dealing with drugs or so forth. Melissa Francis I don't know you well but, the fact you're a fucking big mouth host on outnumbered & co- host after the bell a former actress in which I'm not impress yet me put this in words that you would understand you can go F*** yourself as well your colleagues . Melissa Francis you're a piece of sh*t willing to do whatever your bosses want you to do to make ratings for the show you probably go as far to suck your bosses' penis just like your current & former fox news hosts just to get ratings F*** you Melissa Francis!