DNC 2020 primary debates

Subject: DNC 2020 primary debates
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 8 Mar 2019

You made a decision on not having your dnc 2020 primary debates on fox news and which I see why that the canidates may not treated getting the chance of presenting political agenda without getting attack by fox news &it's viewers seeing that they're conservative media that supports Donald Trump. But, in the other hand you might be missing out by not presenting your candidate to all viewers whether they Trump or not each candiatesneed to present their candidacy to the american people on why they're president of the USA . On the other hand I see why you don't want to debate on fox news seeing that their opinions host Carlson Hannity Ingraham &viewers supports donald trump while bashing democrats on their policies positions on a nightly bases .Maybe you should consider Chris Wallace perhaps he the only fair person at fox news Baier & Maccallum I'm not sure of going back to the president race between al gore &george bush where Baier didn't report the recount in florida race that george bush perhaps got more votes than al gore or less not sure but, he didn't report it instead he was trying to please manegerment &Martha Maccallum I'm sure she would be fair because she wants to please managerment but ,chris wallace I would at least consider just him if possible to moderate the debates because he his fair &balance something you should consider