Dear Southern Rail

Subject: Dear Southern Rail
From: Abbea
Date: 20 Sep 2016

Dear Southern Rail,

I would like to apologise for the delay in this letter, this was caused by rain and the lack of a writer.

Now, when you decided to create a railway transport service, surely you considered something, most commonly known as weather. A wondrous thing, that can cause rain, sun and snow. From previous experience, I'm gathering that you didn't consider it and because of that huge glitch, I now have to put up with trains being delayed and cancelled because of it.

I feel no sympathy when you announce that a train is being cancelled because it is too hot. Give them a calippo and get them back out on the track, because I've got somewhere to be.

Also I would like to know where this apparent profit that you reinvest into the train service goes, because I have not seen one penny of it. Unless of course it goes into the pockets of the management, never to be seen again.

Finally I would like to bring to your attention the fact that customers have to pay £1 to use the toilets in London stations (London Victoria) as an example. I can tell you now, that I do not intend on paying the same price as an easyjet flight to Kavos to use the toilet.

Now if you were able to resolve the problems I have listed above, I can only presume that the train service would be a lot better and I would be happy to continue paying the £227 a month for a monthly travel card, because right now, I would much rather spend it on something else.