Dear Friend

Subject: Dear Friend
From: A stranger
Date: 24 Jan 2019

Dear Friend,

How are you ? We haven’t talked in awhile almost a whole month. Was it something I said, something we both know was a problem but neither of us wanted to address the issue. We used to be so close, I was either at your house or you were at mine. Our mutually love for baking was a basis we used to start our hangouts which would lead to movies, walks, and games. Laughing till we cried over silly things, what happened ? “In the silence of our egos we lost each other” oh how true this quote is and it hurts so much. How I wish I could explain why I said what I did and how it made me feel how much panic and pain and tears that flew through my mind as I knew my decision would put a wedge between us. You were just like us you felt the loneliness of being outcasted for no exact reason by friends our own age and yet when we meet we took shelter in each other, knowing that with a person so similar the pain of being pushed aside would never happen again. How you fooled me. Oh Friend,if only I could say to you how much your friendship means to me how you proved you were a friend over and over again after all the pain I have been through. After all you have been through and yet we were able to find peace within each other. How can we fix this,can I fix this, this abyss of blackness that swallows both of us up in its path. How you look at me and keep walking neither a smile nor a hello seems to reach me only the pain is caused me to see you. Dear friend can I still call you that ?