Dear Ex Best Friend

Subject: Dear Ex Best Friend
From: Your Ex Best Friend. . .
Date: 25 Jan 2021

Dear Ex Best Friend,
I'm sorry for what I said but you really hurt me, pushing me away for your new friends but getting upset when I made new friends. I told you a SECRET and you went and told her! I was 11/12 and made a mistake yet you still won't talk to me properly. Yes, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done what I did but you hurt me and didn't seem to care. We went through highes and lows together we were best friends for years. You supported me through everything, yet when I make a mistake you can't forgive. You knew about my insucraties and friends yet you did exactly what I was worried a friend was going to do. Yes, I wish you could forgive me but not if your not going to apologize for what you did. I wasn't the only person to stop our friendship. I played games with other people at break and lunch, I didn't say you couldn't play but you thought I did. I ate lunch talking to others, I didn't say I don't want to speak to you but you thought I did. I did clubs with different girls from school in the evenings, I did say we can't be friends I don't have the same interests as you but you though I did.
I don't have anything else to say,
Your Ex Best Friend. . .