Dear Dad; I wish you loved me.

Subject: Dear Dad; I wish you loved me.
From: Your forgotten Daughter.
Date: 5 Apr 2015

Dear Dad,

Do you remember all the times you hit me? The times I starved? Everyday I wanted you to hug me. But we didn't hug in our house, did we? We didn't tell each other when we were proud, or that we loved each other. Infact we only spoke when I was in trouble. Then, when I got older I was just pushed to one side. I'm sure you never meant to be so cruel, I know Mom hurt you, but why did you take it out on me? As I've grown up I did everything I could to get your approval and couldn't, no matter what I did you were never proud. Today, I've sat in tears again, at 29 years old still desperate for your love. I'm almost certain now ill never get it, you seem to get more bitter and more distant with age, your body is becoming as fragile as you made my soul. I trust that little bit less, I laugh that little bit less, and I long that little bit more, everytime you do this to me. But, Dad, even though I broke off contact with you yesterday, just know that you'll always be my dad and ill always love you. Even if you don't love me.