dear brother

Subject: dear brother
Date: 13 Jun 2015

i wonder what happened to us. i used to be your sidekick back then to get some chocolates and fruits in our own fridge when we were under the care of our relatives and to eavsdrop on their talks late at night... those time we played "guess the commercials" and whoever wins will get hold of the remote...those time we argue on who will mix the ingredients and stuff..
i get jealous when i see those pictures of yours with some of your friends because lucky they are,they're in a picture with you...because i myself have forgotten the lastime we had picture together. im also jealous whenever you tell someone take care and something like that because i havent heard it from you telling it to me. yes, we live on the same house but we rarely talk...
when someone asked me what is my insecurities, i always tell them, 'to see people my age bond with their siblings' because i know i wont be able to do that with you..
after i read your poem,i know you love me and mom-but is it possible for you to put your words into actions? because eventhough im already grown up im still longing for a brother's advice and care.