Cnn Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash

Subject: Cnn Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 3 Aug 2019

Bash I watched the debate the second night where you question Julian' Castro about the economy if it just me you're reviewing your notes that showing unemployment for african american &Hispanics is at record low the notes you're reading was their notes or notes that your producers insisted on you reading out presenting the case that it was Donald Trump doings of the low unemployment for blacks &hispanics just to be in Trump's good side?first of all if anyone is responsible for the unemployment for Blacks dropping is the Obama adminstration it started droping under the watch of Barack Obama not Donald Trump
second unemployment for blacks is still higher than whites.Donald Trump has been in office for two& half years and yet he has no plan of getting better paying jobs for african americans school training housing if would spend more time on creating jobs for all of americans instead on twitter attacking congressmen &women as well inner cities citizens then we all would be sucessful. It stinks that blondes hair skinny stick women always want to get credit to a loud mouth liar blowhard old fart like Donald Trump .One thing about Don Lemon he points out the facts more instead of always trying to please & kiss the asses of their producers like you Bash.