Censorship Alert! My Emails to Investigative Reporters Glenn Greenwald & Seymour Hersh blocked by Uncle Sam

Subject: Censorship Alert! My Emails to Investigative Reporters Glenn Greenwald & Seymour Hersh blocked by Uncle Sam
From: Angry Citizen Who Still Believes In Freedom Of Speech!
Date: 26 Jul 2016

I just recently attempted to notify both Glenn Greenwald (TheIntercept.com) and Seymour Hersh (The New York Times) by email of the below link and after I received error messages two times, I tried a third time and was told my hotmail account was "suspended"! So now I am forced to transmit this message to both investigative reporters publicly as follows:

Dear Glenn & Seymour,

I am sending this your way as an item of interest since you are both aware of the strange murders of Wall Street FBI informant Al Chalem (shot in the head while under 24/7 surveillance) and former SEC top insider trading investigator John Wheeler for eight years whose body was found in a garbage dump still wearing over $10K of gold jewelry. I did some digging and both men had dealings with Jack Goldberg, Bruce Gorcyca, and conversations with Hillary Clinton a few years back. Of course the current DEMEXIT story is exciting as well...

Below is taken verbatim from http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/usa-gov-updates/93494-hillary-dnc-be...


"Talk about playing political hardball! Following the leak of more than 19,000 DNC emails by Wikileaks that confirm the dirty tricks used by the DNC to suppress and sabotage the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, there is now an internal revolt in progress at the DNC convention.

It seems the 5 million surviving Sanders voters who refuse to support Hillary and who have not yet switched over to Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, are holding a gun to the head of the DNC leadership as the below email is being circulated amongst the delegates at the conventions from a ghost email account - possibly from Anonymous. It reads as follows:

" Hey troops, Print out and copy these two pages and give them to every delegate, super delegate and media rep you see in Philly; http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?7...he-Dots-Thread Let them know these are 5 reasons 5 million Sanders voters will never support Hillary Clinton. Also ask Hillary what she was drinking, smoking, or injecting when she told this guy he could be a super delegate if he could raise $10 million for her http://www.scam.com/forumdisplay.php?23-Political-Chat
An apology for the election fraud in New York and California would be nice too. If they refuse to at least give us a televised debate, we bail from the Democratic party and work to unite Bernie, Jill, and Gary together as we discussed last week.

(The photo is from Bruce Gorcyca's book manuscripts that were seized at gunpoint by the feds without a warrant. The same book has photos of George Bush socializing with Noriega, and a list of all the U.S. officials and their relatives like Hugh Rodham, that have bank accounts in Panama)
Once again... An apology for the primary election fraud in New York and California would be nice too.

Discussion Points:

1) Since DWS denied Sanders the promised televised California debate should it not be given to him now in an open forum and unrestricted format with equal time for Hillary and Bernie?

2) Should Hillary be compelled to take a polygraph test about what she told Cabrera?

3) On what legal grounds did the FBI seize book manuscripts in "The Land of The Free"???"

Hillary must disclose her relationship with Jorge Cabrera and Jack Goldberg even if done privately. How can she offer anyone super delegate status without DNC authority?"

DNC officials are not commenting on this development as rumors are also now circulating that "instructions" were given to Bernie and Super Delegate not to have any "private meetings" without DNC reps present. Sanders supporters and protesters also claim their Bernie signs are forcibly being taken away from them.

This political convention will surely be one of the most interesting in U.S. and Bernie Sanders may still become the Presidential nominee yet if some amicable agreement cannot be hammered out with the DNC as his renegade supporters seem to beyond his control.

(ICIJ Censorship Project - Screen Capture No: 072516-1012)