To the boy who used me

Subject: To the boy who used me
Date: 20 Jan 2018

There's so much I wish I could say to you. I'll start with, we were never meant to be. I'll also consider that night a lesson I needed to learn. At the time and the days after, the lesson wasn't clear to me. However, time has passed and it all makes sense. You were a test that I failed. But, you also taught me that I deserve better than to settle for shit. You found me at my lowest, took advantage of that, and then ridiculed me for caring. I am honestly so thankful that you were such an asshole when I needed you most. Because, it was in that time I found the strength I've always had, but forgot I had it. This memo is not intended to bash you or make you feel like less of a person. Instead, it's to show you that I am stronger than your words and the way you made me feel. It's to show you, I don't fucking need you, nor have I ever. Lastly, thank you for treating me so poorly that I found comfort in a MAN that can pick up the pieces of me you broke. You pushed me to realize I do deserve more and my happily ever after. I don't hate you and I wish you the best, hopefully you've learned just as much from this mess that I have. You can knock people down, but their character allows them to get back up. Sincerely -The Girl you tired to Break