To Both of You

Subject: To Both of You
From: The Jaded and Broken
Date: 7 Apr 2019

Hello my ex. I'd really like to get answers from you but you will not respond. I'd like to know how it was that you could tell me you loved me every single day, while having a relationship with her? First she appeared on your Instagram, how lovely. I asked you time and time again if there was anyone else and you, of course, said no. You kept saying how much of a man you were and that you had the strength to not cheat. The strength?? I'm sorry, I didn't know it was such a sacrifice for you. You did want someone to party with you and someone to have no thoughts of their own. It seems you found it with her.

Now to her... To her I would ask if she has ever loved a guy so much that it hurt? That her every waking moment made her feel like that hole in her soul was closing, that she was being healed every time he looked at her that way. That she had been cheated on many times before but cautiously opened her heart to let this one in. The one that said he would never do that. You saw that I was with him. You knew. But yet you pursued him. You started a relationship with him before ours was even over. We broke up in January and you both were already celebrating Valentine's Day together. How meaningful for you both.

I sincerely hope that karma finds you both. There has to be justice in this world. There is nothing I can do to harm your love that was created in deceit, betrayal and lies. I only hope that the Universe has big plans in store. I also hope that it sees that this time my love was pure. I trusted him. I trusted our love but I was betrayed. I hope to someday find a man that is real, because a real man cannot be stolen. I hope that my heart isn't forever closed and jaded because right now it feels it is. It feels unsafe for me to trust ever again. And it makes me question the whole human race. Everyone just wants instant gratification. Just take what you want, no matter how much it damages another soul. We are all connected, just remember that. You both truly make me sick.