Black voters

Subject: Black voters
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 2 Feb 2020

African Americans voters across the country I hope you're not buying in what Donald Trump & coalition out reach to blacks voters with this phony scam giveaway charity . Trump is trying buy your votes or hoping you're just stay home . pastor Darrell Scott is working on behalf of Donald Trump trying to pay you off in exchange praise Donald Trump helping blacks come on I know you people isn't going to buy into this nonsense from a dirtbag piece of sh* t like Darrell Scott & Donald Trump are you ?just remember who Donald Trump is calling out Africans Americans players (SOB) living in infested roach sh*t holes place only then that democrats offer is welfare checks if you take his bribe then you're proving his point that Blacks doesn't want to work in which it isn't true & pure ignorance from a ignorant piece of sh*t like Trump! Some of you might vote for him where that's your decision to vote for him remind black voterstwo wordsthe freedom of honors who Donald Trump awarded to this past tuesday Rush Limbaugh remember that if you ever consider taking Trump 's money praising him perhaps voting him two words Rush Limbaugh enough said.& take his bribe it is what it is a bribe to praise him or sit home in November 2020! I can personally tell Trump he can take his bribe &shove it so far up his fat wide load pale white a** before I take his money! it clear that Donald Trump only see you as a threat to his presidency so he wants to buy your votes or sit home so he can have a clear shot of getting reelected in 2020 . Trump doesn't care about no one except himself keeping power in government etc! Trump got away from being removed office thanks to Mitch Mcconnell & republicans by not having a fair trial with witnesses & documents !if he get a second term in office he basically can do whatever he wants voters rights social security etc ! think about it before you take Trump's bribe if it worth it just to pay or your rights to vote in 2020 ?