Bill Gates, don't be a jerk

Subject: Bill Gates, don't be a jerk
From: Victor Porton
Date: 15 Jul 2019

Hi Bill Gates,

We realized that you are a jerk. You have a PC with a broken OS. Your big house is a much less gain than the loss of your computer to have a broken OS. Your job did you more loss than gain. You looser. In opinion of one programmer you did around 20 trillion damage to world economy including yourself.

Many people considered it useless to write you because they assumed you are the Antichrist. Just like Napoleon you have 666 in your name:

print(sum(ord(c) for c in "BILLGATES"))

prints 663 and you have III in your full name. The sum is 666.

It could be all useless, but as one preacher noted the Apocalypse is addressed to slaves of Christ. If we cease be His slaves and become His friends, then there is no reason to assume that the Apocalypse will be accomplished. So maybe you will repent and not become the Antichrist. We don’t say “become a Christian” but just “don’t be an antichrist”.

A 19 century Russian Orthodox philosopher Vladimir Solovyev prophesied that the Antichrist will do many good deeds. You are a good fit for this fake good deeds worker, seeking all time profit in your fake nonprofits.

Switch to Linux, at least to have better software on your own personal PC. Stop being a jerk.