Being in a Relationship with a Narcissist Girl

Subject: Being in a Relationship with a Narcissist Girl
Date: 19 Aug 2019

Everything which I created and shaped for both of us, got overshadowed by your fury of abuse and wrath of your malign pity manipulative tactics through, which you have indeed sabotaged and destroyed my life, career, emotions and everything which I loved.

How does it feel when you throw someone out of your life like a garbage, even after knowing this very fact that I loved you very much and was planning a great deal of future with you and had many dreams for both of us. I believed and trusted you with all my heart but you have just used my trust and betrayed me for getting what material gains you could grab. You tried to use me like an object and see me as mere commodity and opportunity only to fulfill your needs and comfort but dear, you are just an empty vessel with the hole at the bottom which can never get full.

In our relationship you made me feel like everything was my fault. You twisted everything that happened to make it looks like I have let you down and you are the victim in this relationship. You made your family and people around you so convinced that I was your crazy ex who betrayed you but ask yourself from inside, was it me or you?

Who first kissed me?
Who asked me to come into the relationship with you?
Who first asked me for marriage?
Who stripped off her clothes in front of me?
Who first got physical with me?
Who begged me for loving you?
Why you pretended that you loved me?
Who forced me to do job before completion of my education?
Who used me for everything?
Why you used me for your own benefits then?
Why you allowed me to come so closer to you if you were not sure?
Why you used me physically for your own pleasure?
Why you have used me like a toy?
Why you betrayed me?
Who let me down every time?
Who lied to me on every single occasion?
Why you always got jealous from other girls if you had no feelings for me?
Why you interfered in my higher studies if you had no plans for future for both of us?
Why you lighten up the feelings for you in me?
Why you used me financially and sapped all my savings?
Why you get naked in front of me despite I resisted?
Why you asked me for marriage if you were not sure about our future?
Who sowed the seed of love in me?

You were behind all of these things and still you alleged me that I have issues of emotional insecurities and even you strongly projected it where I start believing that somehow I do have a problem. And without missing a chance of losing you, I come up with apologies, asking you to forgive me and trying hard to remain in your life.

You have just played very smart to accuse me for ending this relationship but this is your shear tactics for blurring the very fact that you have inflicted emotional tantrums on me by your false promises and made my life a living hell, just to project and prove yourself as pious and ideal girl in the eyes of this so-called society, well played dear. But ask yourself, do I deserve this treatment from you? I have cared about you and loved you a lot but what I got in return? Only tears in my eyes and endless trauma?

I can conclude your relationship with me, as one hell of a ride in which you have inflicted upon me just pain and pain alone. You were there in the relationship just to extract benefits from me, whether in the form of getting money from me, buying gifts for your family members, taking my help in submitting assignments, finding job with my help, being your driver, purchasing costly cloths for you, wasting my money over your luxuries, being your shoulder to cry, helping you out in college admissions, you took all my help in your studies, you used to take my help in documentations for colleges, you used me for every single thing in life, to meet your daily material needs, you took money from me for your luxury, you made me your family servant and used me like a dog, even you used me and my family for your own benefits and lastly you used me to help you for reaching to an orgasm!

You have cheated on me and despised, and ostracized the pure love of mine by crossing the boundaries after deciding to leave me in the wilderness since 28 June 2018 and now I thank you for this because before meeting you, I had no idea what Narcissism meant. I had to take help of every sort, and it took time for me even years to understand fully how this term fits you.

The people, even your own family members, close friends and everyone who comes across to see your real self, had warned me about your brutal and insensitive ways of treating me but I ignored all of them. So it took a great deal for me to see the light, but still after months and years, I stepped outside of the trauma which you caused to me and begin to get a glimpse into who you really are.

Now in my life, I have had some sort of awakening, enlightenment or self-renaissance in me after knowing about Narcissism (NPD), psychological disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder which made me realize that my life could have been destroyed more than this, if I was with you, because you are a pure NARCISSISTIC GIRL who is so self-obsessed, who could even devour her own family members like you always did. You are a mental and psycho girl who just cares for her own immediate material, emotional and physical needs.

But hey! Wait, do you think you can maintain your false image every time? Do you still think that after what you have done to me, you can sleep well in night? Or do you still believe that you can escape from the justice of karma? No dear, you will not, I curse you that you will not be able to live the life which you wished for yourself, as you made my life a living hell, similarly you will not see happiness in your life. You will scream in the end and try to search for true love but you will not get that and you will end up all alone.

Today I curse you that you will not be able to get love in your life as what you snatched from me. You will die in agony and scream to your last breath for true love and affection but you will not get that because you don’t deserve any kind of love in your life. I also curse you to get married to the person who could earn in lacs as you wished for.

You believed that infidelity and faithlessness can only be physical, but you are mistakenly wrong, if you first beg, as you begged me to get married with you and later on when that someone like me, get convinced and started thinking about the future for both of us and started re-orienting his plans in accordance to your wishes and later on, you betray as you have betrayed me and cross all the limits without bothering about me and my family, and you despise that someone, like you despised me, for fulfilling your material needs, that is emotional infidelity and disloyalty in the dictionary of healthy people and betrayal in the eyes of the society.

Actually for you the relationship and marriage is fun game or mere joke. You had made this relationship as mere living joke and trampled this companionship under your feet of material lust and imaginative world which falls out of reality and the real meaning of companionship. You cannot even comprehend the real meaning of love above your immediate material needs. You always think of what you can get or what benefits you can extract from any relationship whether it is material gain, emotional or even physical, and for this you can go to any extent to destroy anyone even your family members.

You were much smarter in monopolizing conversations, flattery love bombing way of talking, full of toxic-charm, abusive and egoistic attitude, sheer opportunist and belittle or look down upon the people you perceive as inferior. You had no sympathy for anyone. You had incapacity to love anyone except yourself and held grandiose sense of self-centeredness and self-gratification.

Hence, this was the reason when first you have left me, afterwards, later on within a week when you crawled back with your sorry face to me and begged me to forgive you but I never did that. I never forgave you for what you have done to me and I left you in the wilderness. And still after one year, with that same determination, I am writing to you just to let you know, that you will not get what you think you can get in life because you are a NARCISSIST.

You were a Narcissist in its true sense and I cannot image! that I had spent a chunk of my life span with you, sacrificing and losing everything without even having a slightest sense or clue that you was a Narcissist.

Thank God, that I finally figured it out about who you are actually, your lies, manipulation and hatred which I could never imagined that it could ever existed in a person, especially in you. You used your body and sexuality to gain control over me and you used me for your physical gratification. You used me emotionally to gain control upon my money to fulfill your material needs.

You used the word ‘love’ just to get money? Wow! That was a perfect start for a master’s girl, oh! Wait, it was also my favor for you and because of me that you were able to get your masters degree and this success of holding masters degree is because of me, otherwise you were not even competent enough to write 2 lines for yourself. And even French course you have done on my money, this shows how materialistic and money minded you were. In reality you don’t deserve to hold these degrees in your hands as these are absolute bounty from my side for you.

You owe me more than 6 lacs, which you have swallowed by playing with my emotions. You used me for all these things and what you have done and gave me in return? Nothing! even you snatched my career, my money, my peace, my time, my love, my friends, my health, my teaching job, my goals, my education and everything.

Actually, let me tell you, that you have serious inferiority complex and to hide this complex you wear the mask of being superior by taking care of your beauty, body, clothes and showing fake care, concern and love to your friends and colleagues, so they can validate that you are a good person and by this you validate your superiority and pre-eminence but the matter of the fact is, you are a user and abuser. How pity it is, that you just care about yourself i.e. “What I need?”, “What can I get out of this relationship?”, “What can I take from this person?” and “How to use someone else for my benefits?” and to get what so ever you want, you have learnt this dirty mischief tricks called manipulation and lie, to survive in life and if the person don’t give in to your manipulation, you emotionally abuse him/her by breaking their boundaries and creating comparison, so that you could mirror your inferiority on that person.

You mistakenly believe that, you are self entitled and you deserve everything perfectly in life without putting any damn efforts from your side but I advise you to come out of this world of illusion ASAP.

Narcissist girls like you, will never hesitate to strip off her clothes right in front of people privately to display her body and beauty; she can use any sexual means to drive anyone crazy for her body and physique. Same as you loves to make me feel wanted for your body and physique, and for your sexuality just to get your lust fulfilled and material needs. With these motives in mind, you teased me often by dressing provocatively, seductively and sending nude pictures of yours or pornographic videos to me, you did flattery dirty talks; sex chats, sexting and phone sex, so on and so forth to keep me linger on over your sexual fantasies and want me to keep on dreaming about you.

You never mind to jump on the bed and rolled with me, get naked, spreading your legs to get sexual gratification and to dominate me in the bed just not for getting sexual gratification but to gain material needs as well and draining me financially. As being a somatic-Narcissist girl, you just remained concerned about your own orgasm, sexual pleasures and own performance in bed, and then after love-making, you often rolled to another corner of the bed or would grab your mobile to harvest other sources of supplies regardless of caring about mine basic sexual desires and later on, as soon as you reached to an orgasm, you often rush to your home/college/work place as you always visited me privately. Sex for you, surprisingly was a way to harvest supply in the form of attention, approval, admiration, pleasure, domination, adoration, praise, money, material, wealth, support and so on and so forth from me.

You have a serious mental disorder of NPD and I advise you to try to sort it before it gets too late. Get some psychological help. I don’t want to be there with you to fix it, so dear get on with your life and figure it out. Now I know myself worth where I deserve loyalty, respect, love, care, genuine emotions from my partner which you can never give me because you are incapable of having these attributes and moreover wretched in loving anyone.

Now go obliterate someone else’s family and life because you are a Materialistic Gold-Digger Somatic-Narcissist…