Attention Shameless Joe Biden - Stop your lying, gaslighting, and divisive diatribe! We are not stupid and are tired of you blaming everyone else except yourself for your Afghanistan, Border, Inflation, Runaway Crime, Energy Blunders and Your Corrupt Son.

Subject: Attention Shameless Joe Biden - Stop your lying, gaslighting, and divisive diatribe! We are not stupid and are tired of you blaming everyone else except yourself for your Afghanistan, Border, Inflation, Runaway Crime, Energy Blunders and Your Corrupt Son.
From: One of a million+ veterans ashamed of you
Date: 2 Sep 2022

After listening to your "Saving The Nations's Soul" speech last night I was sickened to admit we now have a bully dictator as a president who wants to persecute anyone and everyone who disagrees with you. Your self-serving policies designed to buy or steal votes for upcoming elections. (ie. student loan "forgiveness" is your most recent example of buying votes). IMO, I would call this "Veiled Bribery". This is an insult to every hard-working family who saved for years to put their kid through college since you now make them pay your bribe so complete strangers will vote for you! Why didn't you make the universities with multi-million dollar endowments cancel the loans and take a tax deduction?

But getting back to your loud speech... The truth is that if you gave that same speech anywhere outside of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, California or New York, you would have been drowned out in non-stop boos. Your demonetization of 75 million American voters is total bullshit Joe, and if you are trying to instigate civil unrest and polarize our country even further you get an "A" for effort. But the only people you are fooling is yourself and the WOKE MINORITY who have programmed you with their media pals to keep you drinking their green kool-aid. BTW... there is not one less glacier today than there were in 1975 and if you really gave a rat's ass about our environment, you would outlaw private jets including the one used by John Kerry.

Without the help of corrupt FBI management and Mark Zuckerberg, you NEVER would have been elected and your condescending angry words now only pour gasoline on the fires of contempt that most American harbor against you as a bully politician who shakes hands with ghosts. You need to retire Joe. Presidents who lie every week about your fake truck driver days, and those as an alleged professor, and not knowing or meeting with Hunter's corrupt foreign sponsors do not belong within a mile of the White House. To be honest, you and Hunter both belong behind bars.

You're inexperienced gang are all pushing this electric car agenda that 80% of Americans cannot afford, and you think nobody knows that Hunter, Devon Archer, and Chris Heinz (John Kerry's son) own 10% of China's biggest battery company. About a third of your regime including the Pelosis are all heavily invested in China and anyone who reads SECRETS OF EMPIRES or REDHANDED (best-selling books by Peter Schweizer) will know you have sold out America for the billions you are all making in China and Ukraine.

You covertly usurped your power behind the facade of COVID and the lies Fauci and Birx both admitted they told. Those "emergency powers" gave you the convenient excuse to have mail-in ballots and that clever ballot harvesting that gave you a 6,000 vote jump in less than 30 minutes on that amazing day where more people than registered voters actually voted - for you!. You are using Hitler's old trick of repeating your lies so often that some people actually now believe them. I don't, and the hundreds of veterans in my circle sure don't.

BTW Joe... you are very good at spending other people's money and we are still waiting for an itemization of where those trillions you are passing out actually went to. Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet and you are treating over 2 million illegal aliens better than those of us born and raised here, even better than veterans who came home with missing limbs. Why do we have to support complete strangers we never invited to America and they would not even be on U.S. soil if you followed U.S. Federal immigration law. You have no authority to pick and choose which laws you will follow and which you can ignore. You took an oath to uphold the law - all of them.

You are a hypocrite Joe. Sad but true. Just look at what you have said on video in the past and what you are doing, or not doing today. Your past and present comments about the filibuster, Supreme Court, and the Osama Seal Team mission are just three examples. Only Fauci flipped-flopped more than you Joe. People younger than you still have memories, and those getting senile are reminded once a week by that Hannity guy on Fox News.

But the biggest problem is that you are quite confused about your role as our President Joe. You see, you were elected TO SERVE THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE - not to decide it for us. None of us except your most extreme lefties asked for an open door policy without any vetting or medical testing on our borders. How many rapists, pedophiles, mentally ill, and drug smugglers have you let in so far? How many are spies, terrorists, or drug smugglers? As a former INS enforcement officer myself, I do not hesitate to call you ignorant, careless, and detached from reality on the border issue. You put our entire nation at risk of another 911 attack and every kid who overdoses on Fentanyl is on you Joe. Once again, you are a PUBLIC SERVANT Joe, not our boss, slavemaster, or even our father.

Your insane COVID lock-downs and vaccination policy caused 500,000+ businesses to go belly up and over 200,000 Americans lost their jobs because they were smart enough to refuse to put experimental drugs into their bodies. Steve Kirsch recently documented that over 600,000 Americans died from vaccinations and another million are still suffering from horrible side-effects.

Like I said Joe, we are not stupid and although I am not crazy about your pal Trump, at least he did not fabricate lies and excuses as you do on a daily basis. If you had the decency to just once say "Hey folks, I messed up on Afghanistan and apologize - my bad" most of us would still have a little respect for you and give you a chance to clean up your act. As it is today, I would vote for anyone who runs against you who does not have a history of lying and smearing anyone who says "I disagree".

You have clearly shown yourself to be a dictator Joe, and just like Trudeau, you have aligned yourself with the WEF and you are determined to shove your NWO globalist green agenda down our throats no matter how many millions of Americans you impoverish to deliberately make them dependent upon the government. The hate you spew against Trump supporters is going to come back and bite you on the ass Joe and in case you haven't noticed, not one Democrat has asked you to campaign for them or even endorse them. Why is that Joe?

I truly regret that I ever voted for you over the years and only did so because my father was personal friends with John Glenn, an honest Democrat who had never embarrassed our country as you have done at least a dozen times in the last two years. If we were to meet tomorrow, I would tell you to your face that you are a disgrace to America and need to simply retire after apologizing to every American you have publicly denigrated including the many honest FBI field agents whose reputations have been tainted because of your corruption and that of your drug-addict son.

Speaking of your son, the torment you caused 30 million American children with your fabricated COVID "science" is unforgivable as we parents must now find a way to get our kids caught up on the two years of schooling YOU stole from them. But I must thank you for one thing however. Your schemes helped to expose Randi Weingarten and her teachers union for what they truly are - selfish puppets of the DNC.

You talk so much about "Maga Republicans" but I have to ask you directly... How do you know what they want and think? Why not let them speak for themselves and you focus on telling us your own platform and how you plan to restore our economy, gas prices, supply chain and law and order to Pre-COVID levels? Insulting 75 million people on national TV is not going to win you any friends nor votes. You need a new political advisor Joe. Hey, maybe James Carville is still available. Certainly he could not do any worse considering your poll numbers.

One last thing... You have done absolutely nothing to help black Americans, native Indians, or veterans and you simply exploited them for votes, and the BLM riots of 2020 so you could shamefully convince every American they are supposedly racist. We now know that George Soros paid the antifa thugs to incite the violence at those protests and it just so happens that he is one of your top 5 campaign donors. Your efforts to divide us and create real tension in America only worked for a year until we all realized you were only diverting our attention away from your corruption, WEF alliance, and Green money making schemes like the Chinese solar panels.

So keep shouting and threatening all you like Joe. We have tuned you out and are just counting the days until some new people in Washington are voted in so they can start repairing all the damage you have caused, and wash off the mud you have thrown all over our great nation. No, we are not perfect, and none of us deny slavery, but we all do believe in the golden rule and teachings of Martin Luther King. Call me whatever you like Joe. At least I am honest.

Drink your own hateful poison Joe because we are done with your deceit. Barrack was absolutely correct... You have a great way of always F*cking things up. Instead of uniting our country as you promised, you have alienated even Democrats. You blew it. Hit the road Jack!

P.S. Normally I would be far more respectful in my words for a sitting President Joe. But frankly, after you disrespected millions of my fellow-Americans with your unjustified vilification, condemnations, and fear-mongering, I sincerely believe you forfeited the right to anything other that the unadulterated truth, and that is what I wrote above. Stay healthy, but do the right thing and retire for the sake of calm in America. Your departure would end the current polarization in short order.