Are you hurting inside?

Subject: Are you hurting inside?
From: A.G.
Date: 10 Mar 2020

Are you typically someone who is currently hurting inside about something that’s been bothering you for a long time, or something recent that happened that caused too much pain? Well; if you are, you are not alone. I am also currently feeling pain in the inside of my body too. It is something very difficult for anyone to deal with, but there are some strategies that can personally help people during these tough times.
One, is to talk to someone you trust. That may not always be easy; because some people don’t want to express their emotions about something that hurts them, nor that they feel good about talking about their situation at all. There is nothing wrong with those two at all; however, sometimes keeping your feelings and thoughts about a terrible situation can make matters personally worse for you. My father would always say is that, “It is probably for the best that you personally reach out to someone in advance if you are extremely upset about something! It’s not always good to hide it from people and never do anything to make it better. That is where things will start to get worse"! He was always right! I listen to those words by him, and have lived by it, ever since I was a kid. Although I sometimes don’t do it like that, I still have the ability to reach out to a trusted person who I can share my pain and feelings to.
Another way to express your emotions to someone is drawing pictures of what you are feeling. For some people; especially those who enjoy art, like me, they feel like drawing pictures; representing what they are trying to get across with people is a lot easier to describe than just using words. It can actually be a lot more understanding for people by looking at pictures of your emotions rather than just using words so that the person you are talking to can grasp better of your feelings. It is another way of being specific about expressing your pain.
If you are someone who likes to write down your emotions in a person notebook, that is another good way to cope with your pain and stress. Some people prefer to just write down their thoughts in a notebook or any other resource that involves using paper because; one, some people don't want to talk with their voices to discuss their problems, so instead they write them down. Two, they might forget why they are feeling hurt and that they might also forget of how they want to describe it. It would be best to write them down in advance in case you forget them later on, so that way you can remember and think about what your feelings are and why you are feeling that way.
It's alright for some people to keep their writings of their emotions to themselves, but if they want someone to read what they wrote and why they feel depressed, that is another option too. Some people prefer reaching out to people about their pain is to have someone else read their notebook of what they wrote and try to understand where they are coming from. And from there, they can have a private conversation about them. That's what I have done in the past. In high school; when I felt depressed about things, I had a notebook to write down my problems of whatever was upsetting me, and sometimes, I would ask one of my teachers to read it and give me their thoughts and advice of what I wrote, and to me it felt helpful in a good way. For some people it may feel different, but it is how people feel about it that matters, not if they ever do it like that or not. They must do or figure out what is best for their own personal benefits. If you like writing and prefer to write down your feelings in something, by all means; do it, if that is something that helps you.
A fourth way to cope with your difficult situations is to do something that may keep you occupied for a while, and it can be a personal hobby you like to do. It could be going for walks, or play video games, or hanging out with your friends. Any hobby like those can help really easily to set your mind off of something that is bothering you. I sometimes go for walks or drive around with my car and listen to the radio to get my mind off of rough things. Don't just sit there and be so depressed, be active! Do some movement a little bit!
With all of these things I have personally described, I hope you find this open letter helpful. You ARE not alone! I myself have gone through some devastating experiences which have permanently changed my life. They still bother me today, but as an adult now, I can't let it all bother me throughout the future. There are lots of other things in life that are to be worried about besides the things that we always think about. Although we can still sometimes think of those things that hurt us; but most importantly, we have to do our best to keep moving forward and stay happy for our family and friends. If you are someone who is currently hurting inside right now, please try to consider some of these strategies I have given and use them as best as you can. You DON'T need to be perfect with using them. If you have found some ways to help with your pain, good! Otherwise, use the steps that I have provided. I encourage you to do something that may sound helpful to you with your pain rather than just sit and do nothing at all. Doing nothing will only make it worse. If you are hurting, PLEASE reach out for help! Don't be so depressed 24/7 because it'll break other people's hearts too. Do something that will help you to have a better future and just leave the past behind.