Apple: squashing the older models again.

Subject: Apple: squashing the older models again.
From: Abbi
Date: 1 Feb 2014

Dear Apple,
I carried a first generation IPod classic everywhere I went for four years. As a lover of music (and a budding musician myself), I grew to depend on this classic (I named it Brick) for musical exposure. Every CD I owned was enclosed in its shiny casing, and every song was played more times than is feasible to recount in writing. In August of 2013, Brick began making fluttering sounds internally, beeping, and shutting off mid jam session. Distraught by this behavior, (unusual for my sturdy Brick) I called the hotline I found on your website. I was very pleased with the service I received, however, very displeased with the verdict: my iPod classic had played its last symphony, no restoration was possible, and my warranty had long been expired. I had only one option: to pay $150 for a replacement. This bill was not plausible for my family at the time, and the next few months were spent without the aid of my trusty musical companion. December 25th, I opened the last gift under the Christmas tree in our home, and my mouth hit the floor. My parents had done the unexpected: in the wrapping was a 4th generation iPod touch, complete with accessories. Lovingly bought on eBay, it was an outlet of creativity for me. Not only did I have my music library restored, but I now had a new ally in the music making department: Garage Band. Overjoyed, I spent the rest of Christmas break creating music with the app and syncing my iTunes library to the precious touch screen mechanism I had been lucky to receive. After syncing about a week ago, I realized that I had somehow managed to remove my garage band app. I was disappointed about my songs, but eager to get back to work, maybe even to make them better. I went to the app store to re-download, but was met with this message;
This application requires iOS 7.0 or later.
After researching it more extensively, I found that there would be no update for my iPod touch. You can imagine my disappointment. My request is simple AND realistic: I would ask that you keep in mind those of us who have “lesser” versions of Apple software, and allow versions of such applications compatible with older models to remain on the store. I realize that you are attempting to push your customers towards the newer devices, and I get that you need to make a substantial profit: but this is unfair. Many times I have heard friends grumble about the ever-changing ploys by Apple to make money. I myself have never been unsatisfied with the company until now. I still love my IPod touch, and many of my apps still work. I’m very grateful for it. Maybe one day down the road,(very far I hope) I will once again need to replace it. I am aware that my proposal may not be feasible, in which case I hope that you have armed your customer relations team with a plan to handle the multitude of disgruntled customers who have been left feeling jilted.