From: Valerie J. Anderson
Date: 18 Feb 2021

Please tell me when and why you decided to turn on the American working class. Most of you, Media, Tech, Corporate, Political and Government workers, and Celebrities came from us—the middle and lower working class—yet you have chosen to betray, bully, and abandon us.
We clearly saw the national election be stolen away before our very eyes, but you feign ignorance, disbelief, or flat out gaslight us with articles, statements, and media campaigns denying what we saw. Election night, the President was well on his way to a victory when, out of the blue as never happened before, a collective of states informed the nation they were stopping official counting and would pick it back up the next morning. Really? Who told those states’ election officials to stop counting? It didn’t happen by coincidence; it was designed for a purpose. We saw the President’s lead of tens- to hundreds-of-thousands of votes be chipped away unlike any other election in our lifetimes. The Biden “win” is not even statistically possible.
Laws in states were changed by Democrat lawyers to deliberately affect the election and benefit the Democrat party. Those changes were in violation of the Federal Constitution in that they bypassed the states’ legislatures. But there’s nothing nefarious there, right?
We saw video of ballots being counted in Georgia without proper oversight yet you tell us we cannot believe what our eyes saw.
More than anything else, we have heard from some of the hundreds to thousands of citizen election volunteers, employees, truck drivers, and experienced poll workers who told us what they saw first-hand. These American citizen volunteers signed their names to affidavits under penalty of perjury describing the multitude of irregularities, misdeeds, mistreatment, lies, and fraud but you tell us there is no evidence! You seem to go out of your way to hate and betray us!
So let’s assume all these citizens are liars and our eyes deceived us in viewing the Georgia video. Let’s look only at the Americans who are working tirelessly to right the wrongs so citizens, legislatures, courts, and government(s) can know the truth: Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. Why, after all they have done to serve America, should we now dismiss, mock, berate and jeer them? One trip to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas can sum up the strength of character and courage of the attorney Rudy Giuliani, but then add to it his outstanding years as New York City’s Mayor. I visited the City after Mayor Giuliana cleaned it up and it was extraordinary. Between those efforts and his compassionate leadership following the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, there is little wonder he is referred to as America’s Mayor. So why now would you have us NOT believe this American icon when he provides volumes of evidence of election fraud? In addition, Attorney Sidney Powell worked as a federal prosecutor under both Democrat and Republican United States Attorneys, legally resolved General Michael Flynn’s horrendous government set up, and has exposed corruption in the U.S. Department of Justice. However, now that she has evidence of 2020 election fraud, you call her a “conspiracy theorist,” a liar, and more. For some reason, according to mainstream media, big tech, and the Democratic party, these two exemplary Americans, who’ve spent their lives fighting for America and American interests, suddenly decided to throw away all they’ve done and all they’ve worked for--to lie. These are American heroes you are mocking and ridiculing and trying to destroy!
Therefore, who should we believe: Americans whose lives have been spent benefiting the country or those whose lives have been spent benefiting themselves and their own?
Joe Biden was NOT elected President of the United States by the American people nor could he possibly even have been in close contention. He is a D.C.-entrenched politician whose history has revealed racism, racist remarks, sexism, and purported inappropriate financial dealings with at least the Ukraine and China. He rarely campaigned leading up to the election. Why? Was it because he knew the fix was already in?
You intend to throw open our national borders and think people will consider you to be compassionate. It has far less to do with compassion than it does ready-made, perpetual democrat voters. It’s eerily reminiscent of the atrocious statement attributed to President Lyndon Johnson regarding black voters. More politely stated here, the guarantee of 200 years of black votes for democrats in exchange for civil rights legislation was the legislation’s motive. You want to throw open the borders that help protect the American people while you stop the building of the border wall, call for the abolishment of ICE, erect a 7-foot fence around the Capitol—-“The People’s House”—-and sign a “stimulus package” that gives American taxpayers’ money to several OTHER countries so they can build border walls! You hateful hypocrites.
During the campaign, we saw Old Joe hyped as the Democratic Presidential nominee while the other candidates, almost simultaneously and conspicuously, dropped out. The appearance was that they were told to drop out because Joe was going to be the nominee no matter what. More than likely the other candidates were told they were needed where they were in the Senate or Congress but, if the candidate were but a lowly mayor, he would be given a position in the Biden white house. So now approved to head the Department of Transportation, Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants to create policy that will allow tackling the climate crisis! Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris was headed for the presidency prior to the sudden candidate drop out. Is everything the Democrat Party involved in rigged, set up, and manipulated? I am told we should thank the Democrats. If it weren’t for how everything turned out this presidential election, we never would have known the depths of treachery and duplicity that party is capable of committing to destroy our Republic.
We out here in Little People Land, you know, the working class/middle class/lower class, are aware of where you’re taking us. Does this sound familiar? You will control forms of communication through censorship and propaganda. Soon it will become illegal to criticize the government and cries from duped supporters of the government will start demanding certain people (Trump supporters or conservatives) be blacklisted, doxxed, denied of college degrees, ridiculed, bullied, excluded, declared insane, and the list goes on. President Biden’s image will be glorified while images of Trump and Trump supporters will be used negatively online, in magazines and newspapers, and other media. Biden’s messages to the American people will be broadcast on commercial television even though President Trump’s messages were denied airtime and routinely not allowed to be mentioned favorably even on our evening news broadcasts by the three major commercial networks. History will be altered, statues will be torn down, textbooks will be rewritten, the 1776 Committee will be disbanded, schools will be renamed, neighbors will turn upon neighbors, and family members will turn in other family members to the government. Uniquely, people illegally in America will be granted all rights as citizens and compete for jobs, Social Security, and Medicaid for which they have not contributed, and perhaps receive benefits American citizens are not allowed. Oil and gas jobs will be stopped with the stroke of a pen. The industry will be controlled through taxes, regulation, and manipulation until it can no longer survive. Unemployment will increase, prices for goods and services will increase, hostility will increase, despair will increase but, lo and behold, the Democrat White House will rescue us as we, like the rest of the world, adhere to climate change rules, regulations, and laws. And there you have it. There is the saving grace for the world! If we will just all abide by climate change requirements, life will return to normalcy. We’ve been saved. The world has been saved and now, yes now, we can more smoothly move into the One World Government. It is the answer and it is what our unelected government has in store for us.
Between the climate change harpies and the Coronavirus dictates, governments across the world are looking to not let “a good crisis go to waste.” This is their opportunity, while they are part of the ELITE, to submit their people to the “great reset.” THERE IS NOTHING IN THE GREAT RESET OR THE NEW WORLD ORDER THAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THOSE OF US CONSIDERED WORKING CLASS, MIDDLE CLASS, OR LOWER CLASS. IT IS STRICTLY INTENDED TO BENEFIT THOSE IN POWER AT THE TIME THE NEW ORDER GETS UNDER WAY. All those who assist the liberal elites in their efforts are merely “useful idiots.” Power, greed, and control rule any such global manipulation of THE PEOPLE! Try to even imagine a One World Government in which China, Russia, and perhaps Iran would not want to be the controllers and where America—-The United States of America—-would not be forced into a submissive role. A role in which we, the working classes, would have absolutely no say over what we do, what we have, how much we have, or anything else we have previously taken for granted. You tolerant liberals are just that until you get in power then you tolerate no one with opposing views. Remember this bygone editorial statement by the liberal Washington Post: “[Martin Luther] King has diminished his usefulness to his cause, to his country, and to his people.” It’s little wonder Dr. King recognized and criticized liberals for tolerating a form of “polite racism.” Yes, YOU are and have always been instigators of the very things you assign to others. The true definition of insanity is putting liberals in positions of power over and over and expecting different outcomes!
Some of us have seen the reports of Hunter, Joe, James and other Biden family members having accepted monies from foreign countries and governments. In the past, people committing such acts would have been punished as traitors, but not now. Now, media covers for those they choose to protect. For those who dare to mention malfeasance, they are blocked, banned, or censored on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram and the story is not allowed to be covered on major networks so large swaths of the population don’t know. The Hunter Biden laptop story is a prime example of media deception to protect media’s chosen candidate(s).
We know who’s behind this false-front government: The One Who Would Be King. And we know Media was instructed to make President Trump look as monstrous as possible. They were told, in essence, to manipulate the news and, thereby, manipulate the people. Add to that the manipulation of Coronavirus information and treatment, the numbers of positive cases, and the numbers of deaths attributed to it. Then use Covid-19 to alter election rules and allow the distribution of random ballots so virtually no amount of oversight could verify legitimate versus illegitimate votes and voters. Then consider the use of “weighted votes” for each ONE vote cast and top it all off with having an electronic voter system hooked up to the internet so absolute control over the election outcome can be manipulated over several days to chip away at what would otherwise have been a winning election on election night by the incumbent President—the President duly elected by the PEOPLE and not by Washington D.C. and political hacks who aspire for perpetual power for themselves. The PEOPLE be damned!
JUST ABOUT EVERY DISGUSTING, UGLY, AND HARMFUL THING THAT’S BEEN INSTITUTED IN THIS COUNTRY HAS BEEN BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY or democrat supporters: Slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynchings of slaves and those who tried to save them, Segregation, Ku Klux Klan, voter suppression, FBI spying on Martin Luther King, Jr., and opposition to busing for school integration. And now we can add the impeachment of Donald J. Trump for a positive phone call, the second impeachment of Donald J. Trump for a positive speech, the spying on Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, the spying on Donald Trump as The President of the United States, the Russian collusion dossier now revealed by FOIA records to have been paid for by Hillary Clinton, and, ultimately, the fraudulent presidential election witnessed by millions of Americans in order to place an unelected administration and socialist regime in The White House. After all you have done to President Trump and his supporters, you have the gall to wonder why any were angry enough to enter The Capitol in an effort, by some but not all, to stop a stolen election from being certified! YOU took the only thing we truly own; you took our VOTES. You took them and put in place what YOU want, not what The People want!
Why were you alarmed by the Capitol anger? Were you confused and afraid? Is that why you spoke out and why you now demand answers? Why didn’t you speak against city streets being taken over last summer? Why didn’t you speak out when people were killed in riots or when businesses and homes were overtaken and people murdered in Chaz? Again, your concern is all for yourselves, not for the American people.
Weren’t lessons learned in the McCarthy years? People turned on one another, told on one another, suspected one another, and they ruined careers and lives. Even America’s much-loved Lucille Ball’s life and career were in jeopardy. That heinous Hollywood to D.C. connection from the past now includes big tech, mainstream media, and corporations to try to do exactly the same thing again! You are turning on The People and trying to ruin lives! You should be ashamed but that would require consciences. You should feel embarrassed but that would require feelings for someone other than yourselves.
As our representative government, you are no longer doing what the people want; you are doing what you want for yourselves and your own. After all, how many decades has the Biden family been receiving foreign monies for favors? And why do we have Freedom of Information- released documents that outline egregious acts by government officials and D.C. insiders yet no one has been arrested, convicted, and sent to prison? “Rules for thee, not for me,” right? Working class citizens have been sent to prison for far less than what we know Washington cronies commit on a routine basis.
This socialism you want to force on 331,000,000 Americans has a sick, cyclic history. Socialism kills individual opportunity; the loss of opportunity then kills the soul; and, eventually, those dead souls feed socialism. So your beloved socialism feeds itself and kills itself simultaneously. The problem is you don’t see Americans as people but as pawns in your little political power game. You have already taken away high-paying jobs and the secondary and tertiary jobs created by them with the arrogance of signing an executive order. In my lifetime, I don’t believe I have ever before witnessed such callousness by a new President and political party. In your effort to change entire industries (oil/gas/automobile/airline), you have and will continue to destroy jobs, OUR JOBS, the WORKING CLASS, while you pat yourselves on the back for increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. But that minimum wage increase will only lead to unskilled and marginally skilled people losing their jobs. Subsequently, wages and salaries of skilled jobs must be comparatively increased since minimum wage jobs have increased in value, and goods and services will then increase in price to compensate for higher wages and there you have your perfect annihilation of the working class. How neatly it fits in with the World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset.” Socialism has never worked; it’s only a pathway to Communism—-both of which are in YOUR best interest as it keeps you in positions of power and keeps us in our places of meager existence. Historically, socialists believe they know what’s better for people than the people know for themselves. Self-determination, family, dignity, and all God-given rights are given over to the Elites, the Socialist government. Joe Biden, are you aware SOCIALISM HATES the Roman Catholic Church? What has happened to so many of you in politics? You are not the same people you were nor are you even supporting the same efforts you did in previous years.
Democrats go to their election-time closet and drag out the same old mantras: racism, supremacism, Republicans are hate-mongers, etc. But out here in Little People Land, where you allow us to live, those aren’t our problems. Elitism, classism, cronyism, and politicization of our God-given rights are the problems we face. Problems instigated by YOU!
Why did the majority of voting Americans want Trump and why did he win the election you altered? He was a fighter for the forgotten man and woman. Donald J. Trump talked to us as human beings, not as pawns. He saw our class and individual gains as American gains. He fought the pig-sty environment of Washington, D.C. where you all know one another’s secrets and cover them up; where individual malfeasance is met with a job transfer to another government agency; where people have been allowed to stay in office for 30, 35, 40+ years. He helped expose corruption but paid the price. Despite everything you did to this man to thwart his presidency, he did more for the American people and the country than Joe Biden has done for us in his entire political career. Frighteningly, Joe Biden promises us a “very dark winter” in America. We are now going to lose the essential freedoms that have always made us The United States. The dark winter is your political corruption of which middle-class and lower-class Americans will bear the brunt: denial of Constitutional, Christian, religious, police, veteran, military, educational, and conservative rights for starters.
While you FAKES and PHONIES were playing your political hack games, President Trump lowered our taxes; increased spending to black colleges; helped pass school choice; helped pass music modernization; established the right-to-try program; created opportunity zones; and on and on and on. Notice how many things in President Trump’s four years he accomplished to better the lives of minorities and the working class! Unlike you, he didn’t just talk it—-he did it! A list of Trump successes is 49 pages long. The people benefited from a President Trump, but in just the first week of a fraudulent Biden administration, we have suffered enormous job losses, lost our tax cuts, lost construction of our border wall, and lost the right to have our children learn true American history in the public schools. Good job! Where was the democracy in decision-making Biden promised in an October 2020 interview? Undoubtedly, drug cartels will benefit more under the Biden/Harris administration than working class Americans will.
Your Tech buddies are transparent with the created organizations they poured millions of dollars into to fund the democrats. Then they and their network and newspaper allies determined to cut off communications among conservative citizens and President Trump. Reportedly and tellingly, Isis has recruited members on tech platforms, the anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan, the “Death to America” Ayatollah Khamene’i, Antifa, and other hate groups and individuals are apparently allowed to spew whatever they want on your platforms. THEY are protected, but not conservative AMERICAN voices who are largely middle class. And please, Hollywood, clean up your own industry before continuing to lecture the working class through commercials, music, film, public service announcements, and “protests.” Battle your own demons of sexualizing women, advocating violence, turning a blind eye to pornography, practicing racism and sexism in hiring, and trafficking women and children.
I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am a registered Independent and vote for the person, not the party. Recently, I considered what a football game between Democrat and Republican players might be like. Here it is in a nutshell: At the first snap of the ball, the Republicans would fall to their knees and then just roll over. The Democrats would deny the ball was ever snapped and then rewrite the rules of the game.
The people of America have done so much to help the World and now we, The People, can’t even help ourselves against a stolen election and fraudulent government. Fortunately, though, some of us will continue looking to expose the Truth. We are not done fighting for the 2020 election audits and evidence. Once the truth is seen by the nation, I hope the “unity” administration will step down for the good of the country as the rightfully elected administration returns to help, support, and protect the American PEOPLE whom YOU have forgotten and betrayed!

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Roswell, NM 88202
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