American FBI agents were told of Panama accounts in 1996 by whistle blower Bruce Gorcyca

Subject: American FBI agents were told of Panama accounts in 1996 by whistle blower Bruce Gorcyca
From: Angry American Wanting Prosecutions For Corruption
Date: 7 Apr 2016

In 1996 former U.S. Treasury agent Bruce Gorcyca was debriefed by FBI Maury Berthon and others about the connection of American Financial Group of Aventura, Florida with U.S. government officials, a former U.S. President, a former CIA director,and their "workimg relationship" with General Manuel Noriega. Gorcyca provided the information requested because he worked as at executive of American Financial Group for two years before forced to become an FBI informant.

He told the feds that all the moneys were moved through Morgan and Morgan Trust, based in Panama with offices in the Bhamas also. All the ccount numbers and phone bills were also provided. FBI agents admitted on tape "What you said about Noriega and Chism is true". Edward Chism was the President of American Financial Group. He worked for the U.S. Justice Department for over 20 years and married the personal secretary, banker, and translator of Manuel Noriega. Then started up American Financial Group with two government officials as silent partners.

Morgan and Morgan Trust company is managed by Chism's cousin Juan David Morgan. AFG was used to launder millions in drug monies every month and when the SEC busted them, it was by mistake and everyone in Washington started sweating bullets.

Gorcyca and other witnesses started getting death threats including Wall Street insider Al Chalem who was found with 5 bullets lodged in his head. Gorcyca sought sanctuary in Canada after case was taken away from Berthon and the U.S. Justice Department tried to bury it.

For the rest of this story read these three links and pay attention to dates. The FBI has known about this corruption since 1996 and did absolutely nothing except try to smear and discredit Gorcyca and other witnesses. When Chalem was murdered, he was also an FBI informant under 24/7 surveillance - meaning someone decided to let Chalem be murdered! Who? Why?

A Toronto Star reporter named Tracy Tyler was given copies of American Financial Groups phone bills which included calls to 202-456-3345, the home of Donald Gregg, and collect calls from Noriega in prison. But she said her boss "did not believe in conspiracy theories" so she was not allowed to investigate the case even though some Canadian investors from Affinity Capital lost $43 million because the U.S. Justice Department wanted to keep the lid on AFG. This is going back more than 10 years!

Gorcyca wrote an 839 page book about all these things which the FBI took from his famiy at gunpoint. Look at just one chapter of what was in that book (be sure to scroll down)

How do I know all this stuff? I met Gorcyca in China where the U.S.government stranded him by putting him on the no-fly list until his passport expired so he could not come back to North America and testify about all this and take a polygraph test.

Now then, keep in mind that our fellow citizen tried to tell us about the Panama Papers in 2001 but our government police forces deliberately kept it secret for over 15 years!

Note: The guy is the photo is Edward Myles Chism and his wife Teresita Tapia. Get this... Chism was convicted (he had to be discredited) of an $87 million fraud but serves only 8 months in a federal prison that has no bars but has tennis courts and min-golf. When he is released in 8 months he must live outside of America, but gets to keep his U.S. Justice Department $60K annual pension and never had to give back the $87 million. Meanwhile Gorcyca is separate from his wife and young kids for 7 years in China and barred from returning home. What is wrong with this picture?