to all minorities voters

Subject: to all minorities voters
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 14 Jun 2019

I want to say to all minorities voters across the USA country you need to vote in the upcoming 2020 election regardless which party you support .all registered voters should vote your vote count don't let the Trump administration or foreign country with their false misleading actions doings on social media take away your right to vote. It's very clear that Donald Trump isn't going to do anything about Russians interferences in 2016 election as well the upcoming 2020 elections .Trump hoping that the Russians will do the same thing by presenting false misleading info on social media that would make those believe in them so that your vote want or you're just stay home it happen in 2016 where minorities voters stay home in states like Michigan Ohio reason that trump won thanks to Russians & now with this census citizenship question that the Trump administration want to propose want to make either harder for minorities to vote perhaps scare Hispanics from answering the question scare them enough from voting. Trump wants Russians to help him win again in 2020 just as he won in 2016 with help from Russians he admitted on camera! Your voices and your vote must be counted for in 2020 don't let Donald Trump nor Russians deny your rights deny your right to vote in 2020 Donald trump doesn't want you to vote that way he win you lose Donald Trump get another four years ask yourself this Do you want to see Donald Trump in the oval office for another four more years I personally don't but, that's me you voters have to decide that one come 2020